Instagram influencer Jenny 69 has become the Internet’s obsession yet again after releasing her latest song, La 69. Sadly, it seems like Twitter just can’t bring itself to put up with her track, and those who did, do not have nice things to say. 

Jenny 69 has millions of followers across different social media sites. But, her popularity appears to be sidelined by her song, whose lyrics are ringing in every listener’s ears, but not for the right reasons. 

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Who is Jenny 69?

Jenny 69, whose real name is Jennifer Ruiz, is a Mexican-American social media influencer. 

Much before she became the talk of the town for her widely-discussed music video, Jenny was already known for a range of plastic surgeries she has undergone. 

In 2015, she shared before and after pictures of her lips to inform her followers about the lip procedure she had done. 

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In 2016, she revealed on Twitter that she underwent “boob surgery”. 

And, in July 2020, jenny posted a video on YouTube to announce that she had got a BBL (Brazilian Butt Lift) surgery in Tijuana. 

She even wrote in the description, “I will always be open about procedures I get done because I know it’s going to be helpful for anyone who wants to get work done too!”

Influencer’s music skills brutally trolled by critics 

On September 24, Jenny shared a snippet from her debut music video and revealed it would be dropping on October 1. 

But, when it did, the social media star’s first single became a subject to memes and trolls as people couldn’t stop talking about it. 

The official video, uploaded by Lumbre Music on YouTube, has received more dislikes than likes, but has clocked a total of 2.7 million views. 

While the visuals of the singer are exceptional and we can’t complain about how ravishing Jenny looks, critics just aren’t convinced with her vocals and pretty much every other aspect of the song. 

Twitter reacts to La 69 

Whether Twitter users liked La 69 or not, they sure are enjoying having a conversation around the track. One user even labeled the song a “nightmare” upon watching Jenny’s music video. 

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