Monday, October 4, was a nightmare for many avid social media users as Instagram, Facebook and Whatsapp were not working properly. Soon, Twitter began facing issues too.

Twitter was the last ray of hope for users who had been greatly discomforted by the widespread social media outage. Hence, it was only natural that they would start to panic if their last resort started to glitch too.

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Is Twitter working now?

Yes, Twitter seems to be working just fine now. A report in Down Detector states that users have not indicated any current problems with the platform.

Social media users began complaining yesterday (Oct.4) that Twitter had begun to slow down after FB and IG users migrated to the platform.

The strain caused problems to occur in the app’s features and functions, with server connection becoming an issue. Many users noted that unlike its contemporaries, Twitter was still running, but not at its actual speed.

While the speed seems fine now, the issue became so apparent that Jack Dorsey’s social media platform had to address it. In a tweet, the platform said, “hello literally everyone.”

The platform further noted, “Sometimes more people than usual use Twitter. We prepare for these moments, but today things didn’t go exactly as planned. Some of you may have had an issue seeing replies and DMs as a result. This has been fixed. Sorry about that!”

If some users are still facing issues with the platform, they can try clearing their cache and cookies and restart the application or the device.

Are Instagram, Facebook and Whatsapp still down?

Instagram, Facebook and Whatsapp, which are all owned by Facebook, completely stopped working somewhere around 5 pm BST.

Facebook’s other products such as Facebook Workplace, Oculus and its internal communication apps were reportedly down as well.

Facebook and its two other big platforms, Instagram and Whatsapp, are slowly coming back again after Monday’s outage.

Stories and posts are now functioning properly on Instagram and Facebook. In a tweet, Whatsapp stated that the app is slowly starting to work again and they are continuing to fix it.

However, it looks like it’s going to take a bit if time before these apps run smoothly like before.

Internet users react to the outage

While most users were just frustrated, many took the humor route, posting funny reactions and memes around the situation.

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