This Morning viewers recently got to meet twin sisters and OnlyFans stars Daisy and Dolly Simpson. Are the twins on Instagram? Here’s what we know.

The interview clip from the famous British talk show left many viewers shocked after it was revealed that Daisy and Dolly had collectively spent £140,000 on plastic surgery.

The twins also revealed that they wanted to continue getting more procedures done so they could look more alike.

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Meet twins Daisy and Dolly from ‘This Morning’

Daisy and Dolly are 25-year-old twins who possibly rake up £10,000 every month through OnlyFans.

Hailing from the Stockton-on-Tees town in England, the duo worked as strippers earlier but lost their job when COVID-19 hit. Locked up in their rented apartment and left clueless about their future and finances, the sisters started an OnlyFans account.

Their online persona is named ‘Double D’s’, which stands for Dolly and Daisy.

The sisters arrived for the interview accompanied by their mother, Christina Simpson. Talking to hosts Phillip Schofield and Holly Willoughby, the twins revealed that they started getting procedures done at 18 and their first one was a lip-filler.

Fast forward seven years, the sisters have gotten nose-jobs, boob-jobs and one of them has even gotten a labiaplasty, a procedure meant to reduce the size of the flaps of skin present on either side of the vagina.

Speaking in defence of their decision, Dolly said it was about ‘becoming their ideal selves’. Daisy added: ‘We both didn’t feel confident, so getting things together, you get that support as well.’

Dolly further admitted she is a bit more extreme when it comes to surgeries and is planning to get the Brazilian Butt lift procedure done soon, a surgery that apparently can kill one in 3000 people.

The sisters claimed that their physical insecurities stemmed from teenage experiences of being bullied for their looks. The twins now aim to get more plastic surgeries done to look alike.

Screenshot from This Morning | YouTube

Are they on Instagram?

Despite our best efforts, we could not find the twin sisters on Instagram. The twins most likely aren’t present or active on the platform. From the looks of it, Daisy and Dolly both lead very private lives.

Speaking about their experience with bullying, in an interview with the Daily Star, Dolly explained, “We were both born with white hair. People thought we were albinos and they called us grandma. We had white hair, eyebrows and eyelashes.”

“We have been bullied all our lives but the big surgeries have fixed those insecurities,” the sisters said.

Twitter reacts to the OnlyFans stars’ interview

Twitter users were baffled by the unusual story of the sisters. Many opinions were shared on the social media platform.

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