Whatanight! Whilst Tiktoker Luis was waiting in the drive-thru for Whataburger he spotted something unusual in the car that was waiting in front of him.

San Antonian, @luissy_f captured a couple seemingly having sex while in a Whataburger drive-thru queue which instantly went viral.

What actually happened in the TikTok video?

While @luissy_f was waiting in the drive-thru for he saw strange movements in the vehicle ahead of him.

In the video, the text-to-speech feature can be heard narrating the captions included by the TikToker: “These people in front of us were going at it in the drive-thru lane of Whataburger”.

Although, the video itself is dimly lit, and users cannot, therefore, see who the people are the actions definitely match Luis’ assumption that the couple were “going at it” with extreme vigour.

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As the video continues, hoots and hollers can be heard which indicate approval from Luis and his friends. They are heard enthusiastically saying: “Yeah” and “Oh my god they’re going at it”.

WATCH: Moment TikToker catches couple “going at it” in Whataburger drive-thru

TikTok users react to the viral video

Users reacted to the hilarious viral video in the comments section on TikTok.

One user wrote: “Whatanight” alluding to the various Whataburger menu items to which the creator responded, “Whatababy coming soon lol.”

Another noted: “They was going In-N-Out in a Whataburger line” referring to Whataburger’s rivalry with their competitor, In-N-Out Burger. TikToker Luis responded declaring it the “best collab”.

While another said: “U sure it wasn’t Smashburger?” which was particularly popular with other commenters.

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