Jaguars coach Urban Meyer found himself at the centre of controversy online after a video of him partying with women at a bar went viral on Twitter this weekend.

Urban responded to the video and the backlash at a morning conference, where he explained that his family were “upset” at the situation and his behaviour.

Here’s everything you need to know about the video and the ensuing apology…

Urban Meyer seen partying in viral video

The video of Urban Meyer went viral after the Jaguars suffered a 24-21 loss to the Bengals on Thursday. This marks the team’s fourth straight loss and it appears that Urban decided to hit the town afterwards to let loose.

A video showing a woman grinding on Urban began to circulate around the internet, while pictures of the coach posing with various women also made their way online.

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During a morning news press conference Urban addressed the situation and said:

“I just apologized to the team and the staff for being a distraction. It was stupid. I explained everything that happened and owned it, and, you know, just stupid, should not have had myself in that kind of position.”

He continued on to explain: “There’s a big group next to our restaurant and they wanted me to come over and take pictures and I did. They were trying to pull me out on the dance floor, screwing around, and I should have left.”

Twitter reacts to shocking Urban Meyer video

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