Survival. Perseverance. Determination. Love.

Maid on Netflix is arguably about many things, and you would manage a pretty good case to say that they’re all important.

Created by Molly Smith Metzler, this dramatic American miniseries debuted on the platform on Friday, October 1st 2021 and it’s taken no time at all for audiences to become thoroughly hooked.

It stars Margaret Qualley as Alex, a single mother who flees an abusive relationship but is plagued by trials of hardship. She was planning on going to college before becoming pregnant with her daughter and now she does everything in her power to support her child, which in turn, leads her to become the titular maid.

It’s compelling viewing and audiences are inevitably wondering whether this tale was taken wholly from the creator’s imagination or whether it’s a life somebody has actually lived.

With this in mind, let’s consider whether Netflix’s Maid is based on a true story…

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Is Maid on Netflix based on a true story?

Yes, Maid is inspired by a true story and serves as an adaptation of Stephanie Land’s memoir, Maid: Hard Work, Low Pay and a Mother’s Will to Survive.

The series is fairly faithful to the 43-year-old author’s experiences. In the book, she writes about having to work as a house cleaner for $9 an hour to support her young daughter.

At 28 she wished to go to college but, like Alex, she became pregnant and the relationship was abusive. She left him and encountered hard times without the support of her family.

Initially, she stayed with her father, but tragically, he turned out to be violent too. So, they moved into an apartment courtesy of Section 8 housing and Stephanie began to clean houses without any holiday or sick pay, as noted by Pop Sugar.

As is depicted in the series, the real-life protagonist had issues with landing government assistance, troubled by the bombardment of paperwork that would bestow upon her the limited cash to survive.

Eventually, they were able to move from the Section 8 housing into an apartment, but it was there that both she and her daughter fell ill as a result of mold.

In the end, on the other hand, the hard-working heroine emerged triumphant and enrolled in the University of Montana’s creative writing program. It was in 2014 that she earned her degree and a freelance writing career followed.

As her reputation and body of work grew, she was chosen for a writing fellowship with the Centre for Community Change. Now, she is married and lives with her husband and children in Missoula, Montana.

MAID | Official Trailer | Netflix

MAID | Official Trailer | Netflix

“We are both chasing the same ending”

While in conversation with Decider, the showrunner – Molly Smith Metzler – opened up about bringing the emotional and inspiring tale to screens:

“One of the things I’m very proud of about the show is that I think it’s emotionally very true to the memoir… There’s characters and big storylines that aren’t in the memoir, but I think emotionally, the show is telling a similar story to the book in that we are both chasing the same ending and chasing the same message.”

Certain changes are inevitable during the adaptation process, as Molly highlights: “I will say, when you sign on to adapt something like this just as a writer, a screenwriter, I think the big thing to look at is you don’t work for the book, right? You work for an audience, and so that part of it is really freeing and fun and also really challenging.”

She added: “With Maid, I did a ton of research. I read the book eight times.”

Is Stephanie Land on Instagram?

She sure is! You can find her over at stepville.

She currently has 10k followers and you can also find her on Twitter too at the very same handle.

Her memoir can be purchased online too, while her next novel – Class – is expected in 2022.

Maid is now streaming on Netflix.

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