Since Animal Kingdom first premiered on TNT back in 2016, the drama series has become one of the channel’s most popular titles, even earning an impressive 86% audience score on Rotten Tomatoes.

In 2021, the series returned to our screens for season 5, but as the weeks have passed, fans have begun turning their attention to the future of the Jonathan Lisco-developed drama.

But will Animal Kingdom be heading back to TNT for season 6 for more dramatic twists and turns?

Animal Kingdom: Season 5 Trailer – TNT

Animal Kingdom: Season 5 Trailer – TNT

Animal Kingdom season 5 recap

Season 5 of Animal Kingdom premiered on TNT on July 11th, 2021, several months later than originally expected thanks to filming delays caused by the Covid-19 pandemic.

The season has been packed with twists and turns as the Cody family has dealt with the tragic loss of Smurf, the matriarch of the family.

After dealing with the ensuing chaos, the remaining Codys turned their attention to the family’s biggest heist ever, a raid on the port with a potential $1.2 million haul.

In the season finale on October 3rd, the gang manages to pull off the heist without a hitch and as the Cody crew celebrates a job well done, the police make a worrying find.

At the Cabrillo Circle Development, they find Catherine’s body after her disappearance way back at the end of season 1.


Will Animal Kingdom return for season 6?

Yes, it has already been confirmed that Animal Kingdom will indeed be returning to TNT for season 6.

The announcement came in January 2021, before season 5 had even aired.

However, alongside season 6’s renewal also came the news that the sixth instalment would also be Animal Kingdom’s final season.

Filming on season 6 reportedly began in March 2021 and concluded three months later in June according to IMDb.

A teaser trailer for season 6 has already been released on the show’s social media channels which confirms that the new season will arrive in 2022.

The previous five seasons of Animal Kingdom have all aired in the summer and we would expect the same this time around but the prompt filming schedule for season 6 may suggest an earlier release date.

Fans can’t wait for season 6

Following the release of season 5’s finale, Animal Kingdom fans have not held back in expressing their desire for season 6 with many taking to social media to offer their thoughts.

One fan on Twitter wrote: “I’ve never been so excited for something yet so totally devastated about something ending… 😭🤪😳 Let us know the date please so we can start a countdown on our calendars! 😘 THANK U 😊🙏”

While another fan added: “Stoked for next season, not stoked that its the last season”

This fan commented: “Can’t wait but I am so bummed it’s the last season. Can’t we keep it going PLEASEEE!”

And finally, this fan summed up their feelings about Animal Kingdom ending in gif form:


Season 5 of Animal Kingdom concluded on TNT on Sunday, October 3rd, 2021 while season 6 is expected in 2022.

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