Headed for a Halloween costume party with your S/O this year? Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. We’ve compiled 10 scarily fun couples costumes for 2021 that are guaranteed to make you the standout duo.

You’re about to look terrifyingly good.

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It might be spooky season, but now definitely isn’t the time for ghosting. Grab your S/O and get creative with these couple costume ideas.

Sonny and Cher

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It doesn’t get cooler than a Sonny and Cher duo costume. A long sleek black wig like this one paired with chunky hoops and signature 70s eye makeup will have people thinking you’re the Believe singer.

To get Sonny’s look, throw on a white shirt and a fake mustache.

Great Gatsby

The roaring twenties are back.

We’re talking bow-ties, flapper dresses and elegant hair accessories.

Shop the flapper look here or, if you’re channeling Gatsby’s look, throw on your most dapper suit.

Mario and Peach

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This one is for Nintendo fans.

If you’re turning up to the costume party as Princess Peach, get yourself a pink mini dress like this one and add a crown – you’re royalty after all.

For Mario’s costume, a red long-sleeve shirt with denim overalls will give you the look. Complete with the iconic ‘M’ hat here.

Bob Ross and a tree painting

If you’re an art lover, we’ve got you covered.

To look like Bob Ross’ painting, simply wear a brown t-shirt and attach some artificial leaves like these ones.

For Bob Ross himself, take a light coloured shirt and add a wig. Voila.

Jordan and Naomi

Want to be the power couple?

Wolf of Wall Street fans, this one is relatively simple to do and you’ll look great together.

To channel your inner Margot Robbie, take a hot pink dress like this and add a pair of heels.

To complete the couple costume, tuck a white shirt into a pair of beige-coloured trousers. Pair the outfit with sunglasses and there you go, Jordan Belfort.

Jessica and Roger Rabbit

Who framed Roger Rabbit?

Photo by Daniel Zuchnik/Getty Images

For Jessica’s look, take a red wig like this one and pop on a long red dress with purple gloves.

Roger Rabbit sports a white shirt, red trousers, red suspender braces and bunny ears.

Mr and Mrs Smith

This one could be the easiest look of all.

For Mr Smith, throw on a suit. For Mrs Smith, pop on a long black gown.

Purchase small toy guns to complete the action-packed costume.

Cruella de Vil and a dalmation

Photo by Scott Brinegar/Disneyland Resort via Getty Images

If you’re a Disney fanatic, turn to the dark side and dress as villain Cruella de Vil.

You’ll need a black and white wig, red gloves and a midi black dress. Shop here.

For the dalmation costume, dress in a white tee and black jeans before adding dog ears like these.

Sanderson sisters


Okay, so this idea is ideally for three people – since there are three sisters – but we totally think it’d work for a duo.

Photo by Steven Diaz/Disney Parks via Getty Images

In fact, you shop the whole Sarah Sanderson costume here.

Corpse bride and groom

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Thrift a wedding dress from a local charity shop, add a blue wig and facepaint and there you have it – a corpse bride!

For the groom, tatter up an old suit and add a light foundation to your face.

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