Many TikTok users are concerned that Perfectly Kelsey and Kodye Elyse have had a fall out. Fans of the pair have finally tried to piece together some sort of explanation.

There’s always some sort of TikTok drama to catch up with, and usually, the comments section is the best place to go for all of the tea.

Let’s discover what TikTok drama has happened between the two content creators.

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Who is Perfectly Kelsey

Perfectlykelsey_ aka Kelsey Pumel is a famous TikToker with over 1.3 million followers on the platform. Kelsey is 33 years old and joined TikTok in April 2020, through her former TikTok handle perfectlykelsey.

One of her most popular TikToks which went viral was a comedy about her family’s reaction to her pregnancy. Kelsey has a daughter called Kobe who also appears on her TikTok account.

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The social media influencer is an owner of ACE – autismenrichment and Pumel Consulting.

Kelsey is married to Curtis Woods, and the pair often make hilarious and romantic TikToks together. Kelsey is a domestic abuse survivor and has raised thousands of pounds to help other people who were in her position.

Who is Kodye Elyse

Kodye is 33 years old and is a famous TikToker who made her debut on the platform in 2020. She is known for her fun dances, lip-synching videos and makeup looks; not to mention her amazing outfits.

Kodye has an ex-husband with who she shares three children, two girls and one boy. Although she and her baby daddy are divorced they co-parent and still make hilarious TikToks together.

She often shares body positivity videos about how her body has changed since being pregnant. She prompts followers to be nicer to themselves as they have brought life into the world.


Reply to @urhot0_0 you have no idea the amount of convincing this took

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TikTok rumours from fans

The TikTokers have never spoken publicly about any drama between the pair. However, fans have their own ideas on the rumours.

Fans believe that Kodye and Kelsey were friends and when Kodye was going through hard times Kelsey supported her throughout everything, and vice versa.

It is rumoured that during a live stream Kodye said that she and Kelsey had grown apart.

Fans think that Kodye was talking about Kelsey behind her back. This was assumed because Kelsey replied to a comment asking when the pair were going to make videos together saying “when I find out someone is talking about me behind my back I exit stage left.”

Speculation from the fans is unconfirmed, however, Kelsey has confirmed some recent drama between her and some other TikTokers.

Perfectly Kelsey TikTok drama explained

A new situation seems to have arisen as Kelsey explains in her most recent TikTok.

The new TikTok drama involves Kelsey and Alexis. Kelsey explains that she had to let go of Alexis from her life and that there was a big roasting match that took place.


Saying my peace. Its extremely unfortunate how all of this has unfolded. I hope everyone gets the healing they need & wish Lex nothing but the best ♥️

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People were making fun of her forehead and Kelsey explains that Cody and Eudy roasted them back. However, Kelsey was mindful that their comments could be hurtful so had them apologise and all makeup.

Kelsey admits that if one person is in the wrong then so is the other.

Alexis has also explained the beef from her side of the story sharing parts one and part 2.


I have a lot to say but it’s gonna take more than one video. #bodypositivity #slefconfidence #lexlecture

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