Watch the ‘Surprising my Boyfriend at College’ TikTok trend as viral footage sparks controversy, leading viewers to mock the creator’s relationship.

Explore the meaning of the newly sparked TikTok trend and discover various video examples, below.

LIVE Events Features | TikTok Trailer

LIVE Events Features | TikTok Trailer

Viral video draws controversy

Before we get into the current trend, below is a brief rundown on the sticky situation.

On 22 September, a TikTok user named @laurenzarras shared a video of her surprising her long-distance boyfriend at college.

As Lauren walks into the room, her boyfriend is sat on the couch alongside three girls, appearing to have been watching TV together.

Robbie, the creator’s boyfriend, then stands up and the couple begins to hug one another.

Now reaching over 33 million views along with 3 million likes and a comment section full of uproar, the viral video has drawn controversy surrounding the couple.

Although the creator seemed excited to see her boyfriend, her TikTok audience did not share the same positivity.

Many viewers pointed out the supposed awkward tension throughout the video, suggesting that the girls on the couch appear suspicious.

Lauren has since been forced to defend their relationship since viewers are convinced Robbie’s reaction showed signs of a red flag.

‘Surprising my Boyfriend at College’ trend explained

While @laurenzarras‘s audience claim to be simply looking out for her, recreations of the initial viral TikTok are now spiralling the app whereby users mimic the scenario.

These somewhat humorous parody versions of the original video have sparked a new TikTok trend, resulting in tons of mocking videos now being uploaded onto the platform.

@littleyeg gained over 7.2 million views on her own parody version of the surprising scene.

Amongst many others, another user named @paiggeeeeeeeee also re-made the initial footage using friends.

More humorous TikTok re-makes

@theblockapts imitated the surprise scene and has received over 470,000 views so far.

Another user used props to suggest that Lauren could not see her boyfriend’s allegedly suspicious behaviour.

@marxalo used toy items to act as the women sitting next to Robbie before his girlfriend shows up.

Head over to TikTok to discover more videos surrounding both the ‘Coach Guy’ and ‘Surprising my Boyfriend at College’ trend.

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