BTS Jungkook may have a lip piercing and BTS ARMY is ‘losing their mind.’ In a new preview of The Fact Music Awards 2021’s BTS performance, Bangtan’s youngest singer was seen in a Black fit and a possible lip piercing.

BTS Jungkook fans are still ‘processing’ the Billboard charting singer’s eyebrow piercing and now, there’s a chance of lip piercing lurking! As with the eyebrow piercing of JK, it all started from a sticker, and eventually, the ‘Euphoria’ crooner decided to make it permanent.

BTS ARMY speculates the possibility of the lip piercing being real after a blurry picture emerged from the U+ Idol Live app preview.

Is BTS Jungkook lip piercing real, ARMY speculates from Fact Music Awards 2021 clip

After setting Twitter in a tizzy with his stunning eyebrow piercing, BTS’ JK might be onto yet another breaking the Internet stint with his latest ‘lip piercing.’

Though BTS ARMY has to wait for a few hours for the Fact Music Awards 2021 performance to check if ‘My Time’ crooner’s lip piercing is real, Jungkook fans have already made the topic a worldwide trend as they collectively experience a meltdown.

BTS ARMY ‘going feral’ over Jungkook’s lip piercing

BTS ARMY is having a replay of the ‘Butter’ music video premiere era all over again as they talk about the possibility of a permanent lip piercing.

Jungkook first sported his eyebrow piercing for the ‘Butter’ music video. That was a sticker, not real. Later, the Rolling Stone praised singer decided to get a permanent piercing as ‘sticking it was too bothersome,’ he said in a Vlive.

Following the tradition, a BTS fan commented, “Remember how we all thought Jungkook’s eyebrow piercing wasn’t real and then he made it real? Now about that lip piercing!”

“Everyone going feral after Jungkook’s lip piercing. I AM NOT PROCESSING,” another fan tweeted speaking for all.

A third fan wrote, “Between Purple hair Hobi and Jungkook lip piercing… I’LL NEVER KNOW TRUE PEACE BEING A HOPEKOOK BIAS… it’s always these two!”

“EYEBROW PIERCING AND LIP PIERCING?!?! Jungkook is honestly so cool,” A fan summarized.

BTS will be seen in The Fact Music Awards 2021 main ceremony while a Red Carpet appearance is also a possibility on October 2nd. The main ceremony starts at 7 PM KST/ 6 AM ET and the Red Carpet starts from 5 PM KST/ 4 AM ET. Click here to know all about the ceremony.

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