Dr Umar Johnson has been feuding with Freddie Gibbs and Mike Tyson lately, except, the former boxer hasn’t really replied to any of his jabs yet.

Dr Umar started his career strong as a doctor of psychology, who impressed his fans with his incisive outlook on the African-American community and their struggles. However, over the years, his name has become synonymous with memes among African-American people.

Hence, fans were left in stitches when he took to Instagram recently to post an almost 30-minute rant about Freddie and Mike and how their comments upset him.

What did Freddie Gibbs say about Dr Umar?

Freddie recently appeared on Mike’s Hotboxin podcast. The duo sat down for a chat, which from the looks of it, seemed dull, but got interesting as time passed.

The duo discussed everything from rap beef to boxing news. In one particular portion of the interview, Freddie brought up Dr Umar and his views on the black community, especially on interracial relationships.

The two were discussing interracial couples when the rapper said that Umar wouldn’t be happy with his conversation. Mike quickly asked, “who is Umar?”

Freddie goes on to explain about Umar and his ideas, but ends up saying, “he doesn’t like white people.” The pair doesn’t really get into the crux of Dr Umar’s views and arguments, and Mike said, “he can’t be cool if his views are hateful.”

“If he has hate, he can’t be cool,” Mike responds and Freddie agrees. “I don’t care if it’s dictation, rhymes, they can’t be cool,” the former boxer further said.

Freddie then suggests that Mike should invite Dr Umar to his podcast to which the 55-year old says, “Who is he? Who is he to have that thought? Who is he to have that opinion and think that it counts?”

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Social media star responds to rapper’s comments

We can see why Dr Umar was displeased by what he believes was a misrepresentation of his views and teachings by Freddie.

The social media star and coach took to Instagram and posted a 27-minute rant expressing his displeasure.

The 47-year-old coach clears what he truly believes by saying, “I do not support interracial marriages because they take away from building solid marriages between a black man and a black woman.”

He was visibly upset with how the Built For This rapper described him. He pointed out that the artist had not mentioned any of his credentials and just described him saying ‘he doesn’t like white people.’

After giving an earful to Freddie, Dr Umar proceeds to lash out at Mike. The coach mentions that he respects the former boxer saying ‘Mike is my favourite athlete of all time,’ but also expresses that he did not like Mike’s dismissiveness while talking about him

“I doubt very seriously that you don’t know who I am, Mike Tyson. Your body language did not correspond with your words,” Dr Umar said.

The celebrity boxing culture is certainly reaching new heights because Umar finally challenged Mike to meet him in the ring six to nine months from now to have a five-round boxing match.

Fans left in hysterics due to unexpected drama

This was probably the unlikeliest of feuds to ever occur and fans absolutely did not see this coming. Many were humoured by the possibility of Dr Umar and Mike facing each other in the ring.

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