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Thierry Henry has claimed that Barcelona are the ‘same as Liverpool and Manchester United’ in the fact that they are a ‘special’ amid the chaos at the Nou Camp, as he told CBS Sports on Paramount+ (29/09/21 at 10:15 pm).

Liverpool have been there before, Manchester United went through dark times just before the Sir Alex Ferguson era and now Barcelona are struggling.

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Whilst the English duo have had their troubles, perhaps not as bad as what is happening over in Catalonia where, both on and off the field, Barca are the shadow of one the team that lifted the European Cup in 2011.

Perhaps one of the greatest teams to have graced the pitch to one that can’t even get a shot on target in a Champions League game.

It’s an almighty fall from grace and ex-Barca hitman, Henry, sent a powerful message about the La Liga giants, whilst comparing them to two of England’s finest clubs.

“It carries on from last year and everything that has been happening at the club,” said Henry. “The fans have been patient enough to understand what is happening. We all saw it, Messi leaving the club, for the reason that we know.

“We are talking about a giant of Europe. Same as Liverpool and Manchester United. When you play for Barcelona, it’s special. When you win, it’s like you are on top of the world. But when you lose then you don’t want to be in that dressing room, I am telling you.

“It’s a tough one. It’s a tough one when they are going to come back. All the TV shows that they have on, the newspapers, it’s all about Barcelona.

“What do you do? Even when you win there is a problem. Just imagine if you lose, it’s going to be a tough one for those guys going back to Spain (after defeat to Benfica)”

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Oh, what Barcelona fans would do to have Lionel Messi dance his way past an opposition one more time on their pitch.

Many knew, during these past few years, that there were problems at the club, but Messi waved his magic and papered over some serious cracks.

And now Barcelona are at the stage where they might not even drop down to the Europa League, that’s how bad things have started in the Champions League.

Then there’s the small matter of having to take on the La Liga champions at the weekend, and in truth, if Ronald Koeman is still in charge of that then it would be quite remarkable.

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