Hooch might have a problem with chewing everything in sight and drooling all over the place, but we wouldn’t have it any other way and fans want to know how many episodes they have left to enjoy this.

Turner & Hooch has shown us throughout the episodes that Hooch can be a hero dog. With good training and support, Hooch can be a saviour, but Scott could be taking his handler role a little more seriously.

The 44-minute episodes cover a weekly case, but as the end of the series is in the near distance, let’s discover how many episodes are in the Disney Plus series.

How many episodes are in Turner and Hooch?

There are 12 episodes in total of Turner and Hooch on Disney Plus, with the last episode airing next week on Wednesday 6th October.

within the final episode, we are hoping to find out more about this dogfighting ring. Yes, that’s right this entire case that took ten episodes for Turner and Laura to figure out was all about the dogs. In episode 11 we saw them further investigate the problem, but the finale may reveal even more hidden information.

Laura and Turner are set on putting a stop to the dogfighting ring, so as the show ends we will discover whether they are successful in collapsing this.

Luis Miguel | Final Series Official Trailer | Netflix

Turner and Hooch Disney Plus Plot

Turner & Hooch is an American action cop-comedy television series based on the 1989 film of the same name.

when Erica’s van is stolen with her dog Angel inside, whilst she goes to get sparkling water from a vending machine, she is heartbroken. Scott, Xavier and Jessica must track the dog down. When a US Marshal inherits an “unruly dog”, he finds out that his new pet is the key helper for his biggest case to date.

The dog he didn’t think he wanted became the partner he always needed. Turner & Hooch stars Josh Peck as Scott Turner, who was the son of Tom Hanks, the actor who played Detective Scott Turner in the 1989 film.

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