If you’re looking for a tense thriller that will keep you on the edge of your seat then Hollington Drive is the one for you and it has just started airing on ITV.

If you managed to catch Hollington Drive episode one yesterday, September 29, then you have seen the community discover a tragic event and heard the conflicting stories surrounding it. 

Many dark thriller fans are desperate to know whether they can binge-watch all of the episodes on ITV Hub.

Hollington Drive: release date and plot

Episode one follows the community of Hollington Drive, including Theresa aka Line of Duty’s Anna Maxwell Martin and her sister Helen played by Wild Bill’s Rachel Stirling.

When 10-year-old Alex Boyd goes missing the families fall apart and the community is torn. The worst part is, Theresa thinks her son Ben may have something to do with Alex’s disappearance.

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Episode two will see the sisters piece together evidence from the children’s accounts of what happened that day. When a body is found, the community get a million times more horrified by the circumstances of the missing boy.

Is Hollington Drive on ITV Hub?

Episode one of Hollington Drive is now on ITV Hub, after each episode has aired, it will be made available to stream online. Head over to the ITV Hub if you’re looking to catch up on last night’s episode.

The series is made up of four hour-long episodes, and at the moment it is unclear whether there will be more to come. As it is a miniseries, it is likely the finale will reign some conclusion for the Hollington Drive mystery.

Are all episodes available now?

All episodes of Hollington Drive will not be released on ITV Hub in a big binge-friendly bunch but episodes will be released weekly and following this they will be available for catch-up on ITV Hub.

If you love a cliffhanger then this series is for you, watching the show live and then waiting a week for the next one is similar to the nailbiting format of the hit series Line of Duty and Vigil.

Screenwriter Sophie Petzal says: “I am absolutely thrilled to be working with Jonathan Fisher and West Road Pictures once again to bring our project Hollington Drive to ITV. We hope it will keep audiences gripped to their televisions.” Although upon the release of the series it seems she was feeling a little more anxious.

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