A TikToker with the username ‘notsamantharose17’ might have TikToked herself into federal charges after showing off a ‘fake vaccine card’ in one of her recent videos.

Not the kind of internet fame ‘notsamantharose17,’ aka Samantha Svoboda, had been hoping for, nevertheless, she is famous now. The TikTok user who originally had over 300,000 followers on her account got banned from the platform a while back.

However, her recent video could land the internet star into more serious trouble with the FBI, if allegations against her are to be believed.

Samantha Svoboda | Instagram

Meet ‘notsamantharose17’ on TikTok

Samantha is a social media creator with over 20,000 followers on Instagram. Many of her Insta posts indicate that she is a fitness enthusiast.

One of her posts from June 2021 reveals that Samantha is a recent graduate. The social media star is an avid Trump supporter. In January 2021, she posted a picture of herself wearing a hat supporting the former President and the caption read, “Thank you for the last 4 years, President Trump, we will always love you.”

She is also one of the people behind ‘Today is America’ – a network of social media creators focused on ‘free-thinking, conservative, comedic, and societal content.’

Samantha has also posted a video on her Instagram account featuring a dead buck that has been deemed ‘disgusting’ by some of her followers.

Since her original account was banned on TikTok, she has made another account on the platform that goes by the name ‘notsamantharose17.’ She has shared videos about her support for former President Trump and disdain for current President Joe Biden. In one of her TikToks, Samantha even brandishes a “F*ck Biden” flag.

Talking about getting banned from TikTok in one of her videos, she claimed, “TikTok just hates women with strong opinions, that’s what it is.”

She also accused TikTok of being ‘a bunch of communists,’ for banning her from the platform, an accusation that confused many of her followers.

TikToker with ‘fake vaccine card’ reported to the FBI

Samantha’s TikTok featuring the vaccine card was unearthed by @thatdaneshguy (Danesh). The video sees the creator saying, “Who in there still hasn’t been vaccinated?” She then approaches the camera and mouths, “Me.” She goes on to lip sync as “What You Gonna Do About It?” plays in the background.

Danesh stitched this TikTok with his response and posted it on his account. In the response video, he pops onto the screen and replies, laughing: “Quite literally report you to the FBI for a fake COVID vaccine card.”

“But why would you challenge this? Your information is on the card. Look!,” Danesh says.

The video featuring the vaccine card has since been deleted by Samantha, but Danesh posted the video that includes his response on Twitter. He even revealed that he has reported her to the FBI.

He wrote in the tweet, “HOW DID YOU THINK THIS WAS GOING TO GO?@FBI I just sent you guys an email about Samantha Rose Svoboda, lemme know what you think.”

The police are yet to confirm if they really have received a report from Danesh and if the allegations against Samantha are true.

Samantha Svoboda | Instagram

In March, the FBI had issued a public service announcement stating that it is a federal offence to make, sell, or use a fake vaccine card.

Talking about Samantha’s video, Danesh, who reposted the TikTok said in a recent interview, “She is using a fake vaccination card to deceive guidelines at public events (like a concert she recently went to according to her Instagram) where there will be other people there who she is making a medical choice for.”

Twitter reacts to Samantha’s video

Twitter users were furious once the video appeared on the platform. Here are some notable reactions.

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