Run BTS’ latest episode has made BTS ARMY fall in love with ‘nostalgic’ old Korean songs that Bangtan reinterpreted with their own unique vocal magic. From Psy’s ‘Gangnam Style’ to ‘Coward’ by Buzz, the playlist had it all. Singing two classics to perfection, BTS V aka Kim Taehyung snagged a stellar score and fans hailed the ‘Vocal God.’

As a signature Run BTS characteristic, the episode started with chaotic Bangtan singing ‘Black Gomusin’ again and again until they all finish the lyrics accurately. Yoongi’s energetic singing caused a laughter riot.

Namjoon’s ‘touching’ rendition of ‘Memory of the Wind’ also made BTS ARMY reminisce all the time they get singer RM as a bonus to his rapper persona.

Run BTS episode 153 becomes Kim Taehyung’s concert

The last round of Run BTS episode 153 truly became ‘Kim Taehyung’s concert’ as Jungkook said with the tracks ‘Coward’ and ‘Drunken Truth.’

BTS V’s lower baritone register and his soul-soothing singing made ‘Drunken Truth’ trend in South Korea as fans gushed over the emotional prowess the Billboard charting singer holds. The perfect singing also got him a whopping score of 98 in the game. Check out a snippet of Kim Taehyung’s heavenly vocals below.

Kim Taehyung fans hail the ‘Vocal God’

Kim Taehyung fans have been swooning over the divine vocals of V since the episode aired.

A fan gushed, “Taehyungs baritone voice sending you into another dimension…melting your hearts, embracing you like that warm blanket on a cold winter night…ah our perfect singer V! He got 98 as his score for this song (Drunken Truth)!”

A second fan pointed out, “The song that Taehyung sung, 취중진담 (Drunken Truth), RUN BTS currently trending at #8 on melon real-time search and #1 on Korea trending, his lower register impact! Taehyung best vocalist of the generation did that!”

“The shift is real. the way his voice has deepened and he’s grown more flexible with his vocals over the years. nothing that wasn’t there already. just Kim Taehyung bettering himself to excellence. #v #btsv OUR VOCAL GOD TAEHYUNG!,” another Kim Taehyung fan wrote.

Earlier this week, BTS V fans found out how Chris Martin loved Kim Taehyung’s singing for My Universe and praised the ‘Winter Bear’ crooner’s deep voice in the ‘My Universe’ documentary. Check out the documentary down below.

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