The final episode of The Rookie season 3 ended on a dramatic cliffhanger back in May as it left the fates of Angela Lopez and Jackson West firmly up in the air.

At long last, the series returned to ABC on September 26th and picked up the action right where we left off last time out.

But just what happened to Jackson on The Rookie and does it mean that Titus Makin Jr is leaving the ABC series for good?

The Rookie | Season 4 Promo Trailer

The Rookie | Season 4 Promo Trailer

The Rookie season 4 episode 1 recap

Season 4 of The Rookie premiered on ABC on Sunday, September 26th, only a few short months after the cliffhanger ending of season 3.

The new episode picks up right where we left off, as Lopez and West were kidnapped by the vengeful La Fiera who escaped from her prison transport.

It’s all hands on deck in episode 1 as the team works to save Angela and Jackson but they are too late to save one of them as Jackson is killed.

Lopez is still out there and in need of rescuing and the team go to great lengths to save her but in the end, Angela is able to help herself.

She manages to make a daring escape and kills La Fiera in the process.

The episode then flashes forward to three months down the line and Lopez has given birth to her baby son, who she names ‘Jackson’ after her fallen friend and comrade.


What happened to Jackson West on The Rookie?

As Jackson and Lopez were being kidnapped, Jackson tried to fight back and was shot in the back and killed before being thrown into the trunk of a car.

Grey and the rest of the team watched the events unfold via a security camera and had to watch on in horror as Jackson was killed.

According to TVLine, actor Titus Makin Jr did not appear in the season 4 premiere as his character was played by a stand-in as the original cast member had already left the show after the season 3 finale.

Following Jackson’s death, the team are faced with two tasks, rescuing Lopez and finding Jackson’s killer and Grey is the one who manages to track the killer, Armando, down.

Grey has the opportunity to shoot Armando and take revenge, but he does the right thing and arrests him instead.


Fans react to Jackson’s fate

It’s safe to say that Jackson’s death in The Rookie has left fans devastated and many have taken to social media to offer their thoughts.

One fan on Twitter simply wrote: “RIP JACKSON WEST 😭😭 MY FAV CHARACTER IN THE ROOKIE.”

While another added: “So the Rookie just killed off Jackson West – so much could have been done with his character especially after George Floyd! @therookie

This fan referenced a number of big departures from TV series this season, saying: “ncis without ellie, the resident without nic, the rookie without jackson. how am I suppose to watch all the new seasons without them?”

And finally, this fan summed up their feelings in gif form:

The Rookie season 4 continues on ABC at 10/9c on Sundays following the premiere on September 26th.

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