Nothing brightens up our day quite like a wholesome animal video, but have you seen this dog’s reaction to a lemon? The adorable TikTok has now surpassed 26M views – and we can see why!

We can’t stop watching.

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Watch the viral dog and lemon TikTok

Originally posted by TikToker @allaboutbranch last month, the viral clip sees their lively pet, Branch Cooper, reacting to a lemon.

The owner captioned the video with ‘Scared but spicey’ – it’s pretty hilarious.

Now boasting an impressive 3.4M likes and over 26M views, it’s fair to say that rescue pup Branch Cooper is now an internet sensation!

Take a look below.


TikTok users react to viral dog video

People can’t help but obsess over Branch’s hilarious reaction to the lemon. Taking to the comment section, TikTok users are non-stop gushing over the pooch.

One person wrote: “He really said ‘how can you stay calm at a moment like this?'”

Another commented: “THIS WAS TOO PERFECT”

Somebody else took to the comment section: “I LAUGHED WAY MORE THAN WHAT I SHOULD HAVE”

“That dog knows something about lemons that he needs to share with us.”

“That pup is hilarious.”


“OMG soooo cute!”

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Other Branch Cooper TikTok videos

Has the viral clip made you a fan of Branch Cooper? Us too.

Luckily, the owner frequently posts Branch content on TikTok, so there’s plenty more where that came from!

The pooch (and owner) also have an Instagram account under the handle @_allaboutbranch_, where they share snaps and videos of the pet.


just a cutie little brindle eyed brindle coated puppy ⭐️

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