Earlier this month, a new TikTok challenge emerged that saw students stealing things from school bathrooms.

In the ‘devious lick’ trend, school kids from across America began taking things like soap dispensers, toilet roll holders, tiles and even sinks from their school.

It caused havoc amongst schools who urged students that there would be consequences if the misbehaviour continued.

Now, the school bathroom trend appears to have died down, but a new challenge has taken its place for October, and this one’s even worse.

LIVE Events Features | TikTok Trailer

LIVE Events Features | TikTok Trailer

Slap a Teacher Challenge emerges on TikTok

If stealing things from schools wasn’t enough, students have now taken to assaulting their teachers.

TikTok’s new Slap a Teacher Challenge asks students to walk up to their teacher, slap them and run off, making sure to capture the whole thing on camera.

The inappropriate and disrespectful trend doesn’t start until October, but is already being heavily slammed on social media.

There’s a new school challenge for every month

TikTok users have compiled a list of school TikTok Challenges for every month of the school year.

September was vandalising school bathrooms, October is slap a staff member, and there are a whole host of other disgusting school trends for every other month.

According to a video posted by TikTok user @teach.travel.shop, in November you have to kiss your friend’s girlfriend at school, then in December, you have to show your boobs in the school hall.

January is apparently the month to jab a girl, and in February you have to mess up school signs. Then, in March, you have to make a mess in the courtyard or cafeteria.

Twitter slams the school challenges

People have been taking to Twitter to slam the disgusting new challenges, urging students to have more respect for their educators and classmates.

One person wrote: “Pray for educators as the month of October approaches cause apparently the TikTok challenge for that month is to slap a teacher.”

“Jab a female??? Slap a teacher??? Grab privates of boys??? Oh so this just the Guide to growing up to be all the criminals huh,” said another.

A third person added: “There’s some rumoured TikTok trend challenge going around where the challenge slaps a teacher. Heads up just in case! Stay safe, y’all.”