The release date for New World is on the cusp and Amazon Games has outlined how to get its Prime Gaming Pirate DLC packs and Twitch Drops.

This fantasy MMORPG is highly anticipated despite Amazon Games’ lacklustre track record. They’ve broken the hearts of many gamers by cancelling numerous projects such as their Lord of the Rings MMO, and it feels as though everything relies on their forthcoming landscape of good vs. evil.

Fans have been largely happy with its betas, but it will finally be fully available tomorrow.

New World: This Is Aeternum Trailer

New World: This Is Aeternum Trailer

New World Prime Gaming release date

The release date for the first New World Amazon Prime Gaming DLC is September 28th.

Amazon Games’ first pack is all about pirates, and it will be available until November 1st. The release date for the second pack is October 12th, and this will need to be claimed before the beginning of November also.

Both bundles will feature pirate cosmetics and gear, and they will all be free. However, despite the lack of a price, you may need to pay for a subscription.

How to get Prime Gaming loot

You will need to sign-up and subscribe to Amazon Prime Gaming to get the exclusive New World Pirate loot and DLC.

If you haven’t subscribed before, you will be able to enjoy a 30-day free trial. But, if you’ve already used up this trial before, you will need to pay £7.99 every month.

Paying the above fee every month will bag you unlimited one-day delivery and unlimited video streaming as well as video game DLC. There’s a bunch of loot for established titles already such as Red Dead Online, GTA V Online, Call of Duty, and League of Legends.

Below is everything you will get for New World:

September 28th – November 1st:

  • Exclusive Pirate character skin
  • Pirate-stance emote
  • 5,000 Marks of Fortune (in-game currency)

October 12th – November 1st:

  • Pirate sword skin
  • Finger-across-the-throat emote
  • Pack of three crests

How to get New World Twitch Drops

New World players will be able to get unique Twitch Drops from September 28th by watching any 66 content creators.

You will first need a Twitch account linked to your Steam, and Amazon Games has provided a list of all the streamers you can watch in both North America and Europe. It doesn’t mention how long you need to watch, but the rewards include the Vinespun weapon skin set.

This weapon skin set encompasses the colours blue, pink, green, and white, and it will only be available through eligible streamers for two weeks. Check out Amazon Games’ launch details for more information.

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