American gospel and R&B singer Kelly Price has now been found after going ‘missing’ at the weekend.

The 48-year-old was reported missing last Saturday after being released from hospital where she was being treated for Covid-19.

However, she was never actually missing at all, she just went to a “quiet place” away from her friends and family to recover, her lawyer Monica Ewing told NBC.

She tested positive for Covid in July, and since being ‘found’ this week, has now opened up about how she almost died from the virus.

Now, fans are wondering one thing. Was she vaccinated? Here’s what her lawyer had to say.

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Kelly Price briefly died from Covid-19

Kelly Price has broken her silence on her recent Covid battle, revealing that she was hospitalised for over a month.

The singer told TMZ that she actually “flatlined” and had to be brought back to life by doctors.

After being medically dead, she miraculously then “bounced back” and is now recovering at home after recently being discharged.

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Was she vaccinated?

As soon as someone suffers with a very bad case of Covid, the world instantly wants to know whether they were vaccinated or not.

In Kelly’s case, we don’t actually know the answer, as her lawyer refused to say.

When TMZ asked Kelly’s attorney Monica Ewing whether the singer had been vaccinated, she “would not specify”.

Many fans are taking this to mean that she hadn’t had the Covid-19 vaccine, although this isn’t certain.

Perhaps Monica simply didn’t know whether she’d had the vaccine, or thought it wasn’t her place to say.

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She hasn’t fully recovered yet

Despite being discharged from hospital, Kelly is far from being back to full health.

She told TMZ that she is still on oxygen, and won’t be able to sing until she gets builds up her strength again.

Her attorney told NBC: “She’s got to rest and start the journey back to health.”

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