Meet Rose Davis, Gabby Petito’s best friend who recently provided more case information surrounding their relationship issues and more.

Keep reading as we explore what Rose had to say about her friend as well as the tributes paid towards Gabby online.

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Gabby Petito’s best friend provides more case information

In a recent interview with Daily Mail, Rose Davis described herself as Gabby Petito’s friend of around two years after meeting on Bumble BFF, a networking app for friendships.

Rose Davis got to know Gabby’s partner, Brian Laundrie and would visit the couple’s home in North Port, Florida.

However, Davis claimed Brian had a jealousy issue and explained her ‘problematic’ relationship with Gabby’s Fiancé.

Laundrie was travelling with Gabby on a hiking trip out west while filming their adventures for a ‘van life’ YouTube channel she was creating.

Brian then returned home to Florida alone on September 1st 2021, while Gabby was reported as missing and her body was later found by officials.

Rose Davis reported that Gabby’s ID was allegedly hidden by Brian in the past to prevent her from going out to a bar and told Daily Mail on Friday:

“He’s got these jealousy issues and he struggles from what Gabby called these ‘episodes’ where he would hear things and hear voices and wouldn’t sleep.”

In reference to Brian’s return from the trip, Rose quoted:

“When I saw that Brian was back from the trip, that was the first thing that popped into my mind – that Brian had one of his episodes – and I was just hoping he didn’t have a snapping moment,”

Since Rose lived half an hour away from Gabby and Brian’s home, she had last spoke to Gabby in early August and was planning to meet her in Wyoming’s Yellowstone National Park in September 2021.

Although Rose had reportedly requested time off work in preparation for the trip, Gabby had never called to confirm.

When describing Gabby’s boyfriend, Davis suggested there was ‘something off’ in her statement:

“He had this composure as a sweet, nice, caring guy. But you could tell he’s a little off, a little weird. Like, he’d set up our hammocks when we’d go to beach, but wouldn’t sit with us, which I found bizarre.”

Rose also stated that as Gabby’s only friend in Florida, Brian did not want his girlfriend to have friends.

However, Rose didn’t take up the issue because she didn’t want it to cause an argument with Brian.

Brian would also allegedly demand Gabby home for dinner and cut their time as friends spent together short.

In reference to previous body camera footage that indicates Gabby’s feeling of threat, Rose stated that knowing her friend suffers from anxiety, something had to trigger the anxious feelings to act up.

The body camera footage reportedly reminded Rose of the hidden ID episode from Florida and confirmed that she believes their relationship was getting more problematic due to the continuous arguments.

Who is Rose Davis?

Rose Davis is a 21-year-old living in Sarasota, a city in Florida, USA.

@rosed.00 has over 11,000 Instagram followers to accompany her current total of 169 posts whereby she shows appreciation for her friends and family, including her father.

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On TikTok, @roseaye2 has over 14,000 followers, along with more than 480,000 likes in total.

As a dominos worker, Davis often jokes around her job role, longing for more success.

In Rose’s Daily Mail interview she mentions that Gabby would sometimes join Rose when she was working her job delivering pizza.

@roseaye2 previously captioned a video stating that she loves her co-workers although she did previously apply for 11 career-like jobs that declined her applications following a supposed background check.


lol all jokes I love my coworkers so much. I did apply at 11 career like jobs…that declined cause backround check but #itsok #fypシ

♬ Dream smp hate club – ~♡violet♡~

Wondering what her background was like?

In another upload on the video-sharing platform, Rose provides an online statement as evidence for her tough upbringing that allegedly faced her with legal charges.


Also to just keep going.

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Pays tribute on Instagram

Once Gabby’s body was unfortunately found, Rose took to social media with kind, heartfelt words remembering her best friend.

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Over on TikTok, Rose’s bio now reads:

“Rest easy-Gabby🥺😇dig into my life all u want I’m open book. She’s my angel”


Not best dancers but we ALWAYS had fun. I’d appreciate it if everyone would let me grieve. And help us fight for the truth! #gabbypetito #unreal

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@roseaye2 explained that she would forever cherish their moments together.


Always so happy together 😌 forever cherish these moments

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