Kelly Price, who was reported missing, has been found, according to a report from The Sun.

Cobb County officials revealed recently that the gospel singer had been listed missing following a welfare check at her home in Georgia.

The singer claimed on July 29 that she tested positive for COVID-19. She was admitted to the hospital and moved into an ICU when her condition worsened. She was released from the hospital at the end of August but her whereabouts become unknown shortly after. 

Kelly was romantically linked with Terrell Babers for months. Here’s what we know about her relationship with him.

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What we know of Terell Babers

Terrell was reportedly dating Kelly.  

While her current Instagram profile has no pictures of him, several reports suggest that they were spotted spending a lot of time together. 

According to, the couple became “lovers” after being friends. In an interview with, Katie opened up about her relationship and revealed that she and Terrell ‘decided to give love with a friend a chance to thrive’. 

She had reportedly shared a picture with him and a couple more friends in October 2020, which showed them vacationing in Georgia. The post has been since taken down. 

The Daily Mail reported recently that “Price’s family had accused Babers of keeping them away from visiting her at her home when she was discharged early from the hospital in late August.”

Kelly has been found now but that’s about all we know. We’ll have to wait until the cops or Kelly herself gives us an insight into what actually happened after she was released from the hospital.

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Was Kelly Price engaged to her boyfriend? 

In an interview with Madamenoire, which was conducted in March 2021, Kelly revealed that she was engaged, but she didn’t disclose any further details about her fiance. 

Confirming her engagement, she said at the time: “I’m actually engaged right now. I haven’t said anything much publicly yet but I’ve been with someone for about two years now. “

“I intentionally kept it quiet because I told myself when it comes time to let the world know, I’ll let the world know exactly who that individual is,” she added further. 

While Kelly did not say anything else about her love life in public, she has shared two pictures on Instagram showing off a ring on a finger while holding a mystery man’s hand. 

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Fans are glad Kelly Price is found

Kelly’s fans and other social media users were shocked to learn about the singer going missing. Everyone is now glad that she has reportedly been found safe.

One tweeted, “They found Kelly Price y’all”

Another wrote, “I was just talking bout Kelly price yesterday glad they found her”

One tweeted, “So Kelly price has allegedly been found safe according to the US Sun… I’m going to wait to hear further confirmation”