After announcing in June 2021 that they were pregnant with their second child, YouTubers Ethan and Hila Klein have finally revealed their baby’s gender and they did it in a fascinating way! 

Before they went public with the big news, the couple claimed in their podcast that they were highly anticipating triplets. In the following episode, Hila goes on to surprise her husband and fans by reading out a text from her doctor that confirmed her pregnancy. 

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Ethan and Hila reveal baby’s gender 

The YouTuber couple finally put an end to fans’ anticipation by revealing the gender of their second child in the recent episode of the H3 Podcast. 

Just like their pregnancy, which came as a surprise to fans, Ethan and Hila made sure they revealed the gender of their baby in the most unexpected way. 

In the video, Ethan is seen riding a mobility scooter, before he gathers his crew members as he approaches a giant artificial nuke, which he named “The Baby Boomer.”

He later jokes as to how he got the nuke made by a few nuclear scientists he has been in touch with. 

The H3 podcast host teases fans a tad bit longer before the video cuts to an explosion scene, thus finally revealing the baby’s gender. 

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What gender is the YouTubers’ baby?

The blue animated clouds that emerge after the explosion reveals that Ethan and Hila are having a baby boy. 

After the big revelation, Ethan continues to host the podcast while covered in blue, and we can only see how excited the father is about welcoming his second child. 

Meanwhile, fans are eager to know when Hila is due as the couple is yet to reveal how far along she is. At the time of the announcement of pregnancy, Hila did not give out any information and it seems like we need to wait for another podcast for an answer.

Blue Period | Official Trailer | Netflix Anime

Blue Period | Official Trailer | Netflix Anime

Fans are excited to welcome the new edition to the foot soldier family

Fans took to Twitter in large numbers to congratulate the couple on having a baby boy.

One tweeted, “Awww..CONGRATULATIONS on your Baby Boy Ethan and Hila what a beautiful blessing to have a baby brother for Theodore! Sending so Much Loving Healthy and protective Energy for the rest of your pregnancy! Blessings to the Klein clan! XOX”

Another wrote, “Sending nothing but positive energy and best wishes for the baby and Hila”

And one fan said, “Congrats on your future baby boy! Wishing Hila and the baby the best health and luck through my this pregnancy!”