Inspector Endeavour Morse has been a near-constant presence on our screens since ITV first adapted Colin Dexter’s legendary novels back in 1987.

In recent years, Shaun Evans has carried the torch as a young Morse in the excellent Endeavour series, a show that has been airing since 2012 and has plotted the journey of Morse from a bright-eyed detective constable to a world-weary detective sergeant.

In 2021, Endeavour returned for its long-awaited eighth series, pitting Morse against some of his toughest cases yet but once the new episodes come to an end will we be getting a season 9?

Grantchester | Season 6 Official Teaser

Grantchester | Season 6 Official Teaser

Endeavour season 8 recap

Endeavour’s eighth series began on September 12th, 2021 and new episodes have aired weekly since.

The three-episode instalment takes place in 1971 and follows Morse after one of the toughest years of his career so far.

However, rather than taking things easy, Endeavour has been faced with some of the toughest cases of his career, beginning with a deadly IRA bomb plot, death threats against a star football player and continuing with the perplexing death of a local cabbie.

Season 8 is set to conclude on September 26th with an episode that looks set to shake Morse’s relationship with mentor Thursday to its core as Morse’s mounting problems threaten to overwhelm himself and the case he’s working on.


Will Endeavour return for season 9?

At the time of writing, ITV has yet to commission a ninth series of Endeavour.

According to Den of Geek, this is not an unusual situation for Endeavour to find itself in as the show’s creator told the publication in 2019 that “Every year, we had to wait – certainly to begin with – to see if we were going again. So we always finished the series at a place that was satisfactory if we never came back.”

In an interview with The Guardian, Shaun Evans suggested that “We’d want to see how these three films are received, then decide whether we feel there might be more to do.”

Meanwhile, Fred Thursday actor Roger Allam was less cautious, saying in the same interview that “I would be very surprised if there weren’t a few more to wrap things up.”

“So that those who are interested in such things can go from the end of Endeavour to the beginning of Morse, while knowing, for example, why Thursday is never once mentioned by the older Morse.”

Speaking about why his character is never mentioned by John Thaw’s Morse, Allam speculated that Thursday “ends up doing something dreadful. That would be fun. I hope I die a spectacular death – but I very much doubt ITV would allow that.”


33 is the magic number

The third and final instalment in Endeavour’s eighth series will be episode number 33, a particularly important number as both the original Inspector Morse series and the Lewis spin-off ended with 33 episodes.

As a result, there is a huge debate about whether Endeavour should exceed the number of episodes in the original series.

In the aforementioned interview with The Guardian, creator Russell Lewis stressed “the significance in this franchise of the number 33.”

Comparing the Morse franchise to cricket, Lewis said: “If you take Colin Dexter as the batsman, 33 each of Morses, Lewises and Endeavours would mean he was falling on 99. Nobody wants to do that, do they?”

Does that mean Endeavour Morse will return for at least one more episode to bring the total up to 100 or beyond? We’ll have to wait and see.


Season 8 of Endeavour concludes on ITV at 8pm on Sunday, September 26th, 2021.

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