The music in a film or TV series can often make or break the final product as the use of songs can help elicit just the right feeling in each scene.

Netflix’s newest film arrival is The Starling and the touching comedy-drama makes use of several licenced tracks – and even some original songs – throughout to help us laugh and cry with the events on-screen.

But just which songs appear in the soundtrack of The Starling?

The Starling | Official Trailer | Netflix

The Starling | Official Trailer | Netflix

The Starling release date and plot

The Starling arrived on Netflix on Friday, September 24th, 2021.

Directed by Theodore Melfi and starring Melissa McCarthy, Chris O’Dowd and Timothy Olyphant, The Starling tells the story of Lilly and her husband, Jack.

The couple suffers a tough loss to begin the film and Jack heads off to deal with his grief while Lilly is left dealing with her guilt on her own and to make matters worse, she becomes the target of an overly aggressive starling that has nested in her garden.

The new arrival provides an unlikely avenue for Lilly to focus her attention and find a way of moving on.


The Starling soundtrack

The Starling makes use of several songs throughout its soundtrack, featuring a blend of licenced tracks as well as some original songs created specifically for the film.


Music supervisor discusses The Starling

The songs in a film don’t choose themselves. That is the responsibility of the music supervisor and in The Starling’s case, that is Julia Michels who has the Pitch Perfect trilogy, Trolls, The Greatest Showman and 2018’s A Star Is Born on her list of past credits.

Speaking as part of a Netflix press release, Julia explained the painstaking process that goes into selecting the songs for a film: “My job is to get inside of Ted’s [director Theodore Melfi] head and his heart and realise the vision that he wants to create.”

“I feel like I know Ted’s musical tastes pretty well. He’s very good at relaying that to me,” she continued. “So creating the musical landscape with him is what my job is: finding existing songs and music and then getting some stuff written.”

Expanding on the process of finding the right song, Julia explained: “I’d say I probably listened to 1,000 songs minimum on this film, because we’ve got several key spots. Like Melissa sitting on the porch listening to music and several montages.

“When I’m looking for something super emotional that has to hit a bunch of beats, I actually play every song to picture [watch footage with the song playing] before I decide.”


The Starling is available to stream now on Netflix after releasing on September 24th, 2021.

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