Coldplay and BTS have finally released ‘My Universe’, the collab of the century, and ARMY can’t get enough of the magical vocals. The soul-soothing track offered the best of BTS and Coldplay, and here’s everything BTS ARMY loved about the song!

BTS fans couldn’t stop talking about the low register ‘heavenly’ vocals of V and Jungkook, Chris Martin’s perfect start, Sope’s rap transition, Jin and Jimin’s harmonization and RM singing his verse beautifully.

The Korean lyrics of the rap have touched the hearts of many and fans have hailed them for being gender-neutral.

BTS V and Jungkook’s ‘heavenly vocals’ in ‘My Universe’ is the top chatter online

BTS Jungkook’s opening verse with Chris Martin serves as the perfect start to the song. The youngest vocalist sings in pre-chorus, “I fly to you every night/ Forgetting that it’s just a dream/ I meet you with a smile/ Never-ending forever, baby!”

BTS V’s second verse adds soul to the beats when the ‘Sweet Night’ crooner sings, “Darkness used to be more comfortable for me
In the long shadow (eyes)!”

Gushing over the song, a fan said, “Kim Taehyung!! Everyone is talking about your beautiful vocals on #MyUniverse TAEHYUNGS HEAVENLY VOICE!”

Another fan shared, “Jungkook sounds so heavenly, his voice just melts me. His ability to convey emotions of the lyrics through his vocals. The texture of his lower registers is so beautiful!”

K-pop columnist Jeff Benjamin wrote, “Chris Martin and Jungkook start the first verse literally sounding so perfect alongside each other…and it just keeps growing. Can’t wait for the world to hear this!”

A fan observed, “Kim taehyung going viral for his heavenly voice and vocals. He sang just 8 seconds, so impactful. Always the highlight. TAEHYUNGS HEAVENLY VOICE.”

Suga and Jhope’s transition raps, Jimin and Jin’s harmonization – ‘icing on the cake’

BTS’ unique rap line delivers yet another swoon-worthy transition rap verse written by Suga, Jhope, and RM. The beautiful rap verse goes, “What brightens me up/ Is the star embroidered with love called you
You in my universe/ Make another world for me.”

You are my star and my universe/ After all, this hardship is just brief
Always shine bright as you are now/ We will follow you through this long night

Swooning over the rap, a BTS ARMY said, “Sope lyrics in Savage Love & My Universe. they never fail to make me feel so seen & so warm!”

Another BTS ARMY sums up the song saying, “Taehyung’s beautiful honey vocals. Jungkook’s magical singing. Namjoon & Jimin’s sweet harmonies. Jin’s mesmerizing lower register. Hobi to Yoongi, their individual raps flowing so prettily together. All of their words so meaningful. I’m just. Yeah. They’re incredible.”

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Stream the track below.

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