**Warning – Major spoilers ahead**

Squid Game has become Netflix viewers’ new obsession, as the Korean drama continues to dominate people’s conversations – but who is the Front Man?

Flavoring its extreme and often bizarre premise is the show’s characters, fuelled by their desire to win the grand prize by surviving children’s games that offer the losers certain death.

Running the organization is the Front Man and we explore who he is and the actor behind the mask.

Squid Game | Official Trailer | Netflix

Squid Game | Official Trailer | Netflix

Who is the Front Man with the stellar costume?

The members of the ambiguous organization orchestrating the Squid Game answer to their leader known as the Front Man.

Revealed to be the missing brother of Detective Hwang Jun-ho in episode 8, the Front Man – whose real name is Hwang In-ho (player 132) joined the 28th Squid Game in 2015 and steadily rose to success as part of an obsession.

In the season 1 finale, the Front Man’s identity was acknowledged as well as his addiction to the game. His brother infiltrated the facility in the finale to find out about his missing brother and it was within the archive room that he found the answer he was looking for.

Meet Lee Byung-hun who plays the Front Man

Born in Seoul, South Korea, Byung-hun is the face behind Squid Game’s the Front Man.

The 51-year-old actor is one of Korea’s most successful actors to date, noted to appear in five of the top 50 Korean films of all time. He was also the first South Korean to present at the Academy Awards.

Film buffs will also recognize him from the G.I. Joe franchise, Terminator Genisys, and The Magnificent Seven.

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What is Squid Game all about and is it a real game?

Squid Game is not based on any kind of source material, nor is it a real game that exists – for obvious reasons. The classic children’s games that are played in the series do represent timeless activities, like marbles, that are existing games in the real world.

Despite it being completely original, the series has recently been accused of plagiarism, with netizens claiming the series contains similar scenes to the 2014 Japanese film, As the Gods Will.

Fans on Twitter have posted in their numbers about scene composition similarities, on top of both the series and film using the same premise of survival death matches involving childhood games.

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