Every now and again, a new beauty product goes viral on TikTok that amazes social media users.

For months, Maybelline’s Sky High Mascara has been taking over the app, with many TikTok users claiming it’s the best mascara on the market.

Now, people are obsessing over a certain eye cream, and there’s video proof that this one works.

TikTok – Hum Nose Trailer

TikTok – Hum Nose Trailer

Woman’s shocking eye cream TikTok goes viral

Back in August, a woman who goes by the name @trinidad1967 uploaded a video on TikTok that’s still going viral.

In the clip, she explained that after having weight loss surgery, she has developed dark under-eye bags that she feels very self-conscious about.

“You see all these bags under my eyes, I’m 54. I’m very self-conscious of them,” she said before revealing a new eye cream she’d found.

“I found this, and it works amazing, I’m gonna show you,” she continued whilst squeezing a little bit of the product onto her finger and smoothing it across her eye bags.

She then left it for a few minutes to “tighten” her skin, and much to everyone’s disbelief, her bags were completely gone!

“I just wanted to share this secret with you because for me, my bags are, like sometimes I cry when I look at myself in the morning,” she added.

The magic eye cream revealed

So, what is this magic product that claims to completely eradicate under-eye bags? It’s the Peter Thomas Roth Instant FirmX Temporary Eye Tightener.

Peter Thomas Roth is a Hungarian skincare company that was launched in 1993 comprehensive range of over 100 products sold world-wide.

The eye cream claims to “instantly tighten, firm and smooth” the eye area, minimizing crow’s feet, fines lines, deep wrinkles and puffiness.

From the TikTok video, it seems like it does exactly that! So, how do you get your hands on one?

Peter Thomas Roth Eye Cream

Where to buy the viral eye cream

The Peter Thomas Roth eye cream retails at $38/£32, and the easiest place to buy it is directly on their website.

They ship worldwide, and shipping takes 6-21 days depending on where in the world you live.

It’s also available on AllBeauty, BeautyBay, Look Fantastic and Amazon.

However, due to high demand following the viral TikTok video, the eye cream is out of stock in most retailers right now.

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