Fans of NBA YoungBoy have started a petition on Charge.Org urging President Joe Biden to “free” the rapper. 

According to TMZ, the rapper was arrested on March 22, 2021, after allegedly fleeing the FBI and LAPD. The report suggests the rapper ran away on foot when his car was stopped by the FBI and LAPD. 

NBA’s fans are now trying to convince the President of the United States to work towards his release ahead of his next album Sincerely Kentrell, which is slated for a September 24, 2021 release. 

Petition to free NBA YoungBoy goes viral

The petition to free NBA has gone viral as many of his fans have come forward to pen their signatures. 

So far, over 21,000 people have signed and it looks like the petition titled “Joe Biden Needs to Free NBA YoungBoy” will hit its 25,000 goal soon.

The petition shows that it was started by a YB supporter, meaning YoungBoy Supporter, but the names haven’t been revealed. 

The fans, who have participated in the petition, have urged the President to release the rapper. They are hoping the campaign to free him will work. 

Campaign for the rapper on Change.Org explored 

The petition, written by his fans, talks about the rapper’s arrest, which took place on March 22nd and how it was carried out. 

“His March 22nd arrest was handled under the codename ‘Operation Never Free Again’ which was a play on his stage name and brand, ‘Never Broke Again’. The arrest which was supposed to be a simple warrant arrest was carried out in a way that made it seem he was a suspect to a subject more crucial to his image,” it reads. 

It further talks about his third studio album which is due for release in a few days. The campaign organizer states the rapper won’t be able to witness its “success and tremendous rise” as he remains in the custody. 

The petition addressed The POTUS towards the end and notes that if the President himself granted the rapper’s release, he will be able to be with family and friends while providing music for his fans. 

Even though the petition has gathered a lot of support and an impressive number of signatures, neither the President nor the officials have spoken about it.

Stuck Together | Official Trailer | Netflix

Stuck Together | Official Trailer | Netflix

Fans support the petition

NBA’s fans from across the world are actively sharing the link to the petition on Twitter. They are urging one another to sign it and get it trending until it gets the attention of the President.

One fan wrote, “I just signed the petition to free NBA YoungBoy w 10 different names. Good Deed of the year DONE”

Another fan wrote under the petition, “He’s accomplished so much for his age, we’re all humans, in decision making, a Bright future ahead of him and his family.”