Kourtney Kardashian and Megan Fox did a photoshoot for Skims and fans think the former is pregnant. Many have come up with their own theories to back their claim. 

For quite some time, rumors about Kourtney being pregnant with Travis Scott’s baby were making rounds on the internet. A few fans have noticed something in her pictures from the latest photoshoot, and that has added more fuel to the speculation. 

Why fans think Kourtney Kardashian is pregnant 

Kourtney and Megan looked absolutely ravishing in the Skim photoshoot as they posed sensually with roses, cherries and apples, while clad in the brand’s underwear. 

While their bold pictures together raised eyebrows, some fans suggested that Kourtney was “hiding” her stomach, thus implying that she could be pregnant, perhaps with Travis Scott’s baby. 

One fan tweeted, “I feel like Kourtney Kardashian is pregnant…I’m just calling it now bc she hiding that stomach a bit too much in the skims shoot.”

Another suggested, “@kourtneykardash is definitely pregnant. trust me I know!”

Adding to the above speculation, another said, “I’m calling it now, Kourtney Kardashian is pregnant with Travis’s baby”

Even though some fans are convinced that the Kardashian sister is pregnant, there is no official report to prove the speculation. Kourtney hasn’t addressed these rumors either.

Kourtney Kardashian and Megan Fox’s friendship explored

Besides speculating if Kourtney is pregnant once again, fans are also talking about her friendship with Megan, as the two stars have been hanging out a lot lately.

A source told US Weekly that Kourtney and Megan have gotten closer over the last two months.

“Kourtney has been spending more time with Megan than some of her sisters. It’s mainly because she and Travis are inseparable, and Travis and Machine Gun Kelly are very close, so usually they bring along their girlfriends to hang out with them,” the source said.

They have also noted that it was Travis who introduced Kourtney to Megan and MGK. Apparently, the couples have been attending various events and concerts together.

Most recently, they were spotted at the VMAs 2021, where Megan and Kourtney were spotted making out with their respective boyfriends in the bathroom.

Savage X Fenty Show | Official Trailer | Prime Video

Savage X Fenty Show | Official Trailer | Prime Video

Fans react to the steamy photoshoot

Fans are busy discussing Kourtney and Megan’s latest photoshoot for Skims and some can’t get over their chemistry.

One tweeted: “Megan Fox and Kourtney Kardashian modelling for Skims is probably the greatest thing to happen this year”

Another tweeted, “Oh my god. The Megan and Kourtney photo shoot.”

“Should’ve been Megan and Kourtney in Jennifer’s Body. Now that would have been the ultimate duo,” added another fan.

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