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Liverpool fans have taken to Twitter to discuss Jürgen Klopp’s comment about Kaide Gordon completing the entire game against Norwich.

What’s the story?

Well, the Liverpool boss decided to focus on the 16-year-old’s ability to complete the entire ’95 minutes’ at Carrow Road on Tuesday.

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As quoted by Sky Sports, Klopp said: “Kaide Gordon, he is ready for these moments. He is just ready for it. He is 16 and has a lot of good situations.

“What is really impressive is his physicality. He can go on until 95 minutes, that’s really strong.”

For a 16-year-old to complete 95 minutes in Klopp’s intense, gegenpressing system is some achievement.

Gordon must be an immensely fit, natural athlete.

In truth, the teenager needs to be if he’s going to play out wide in the Premier League, where he’ll have to get up and down the flank.

Some Liverpool fans have taken interest in Klopp’s comments, mainly because the German opts to discuss Gordon’s physical condition ahead of his quality.

Kaide Gordon can make it at Liverpool

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At the AXA Training Centre, Klopp can improve Gordon in a number of areas.

Liverpool can work on his finishing, his movement, his passing – pretty much whatever they feel needs developing.

However, fitness is another thing altogether.

Of course, that can be worked on.

However, it mainly comes down to the player, what they eat at home and how they look after themselves away from the club.

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Gordon seems to have that aspect of his life sorted, as he was still looking sharp and lively even late into the 3-0 win over Norwich.

If Klopp can sharpen the forward’s technical ability and improve his movement, the Reds may have another Harvey Elliott on their hands.

For now, let’s see what the Liverpool fans on Twitter said about Klopp’s remark on Gordon’s fitness…

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