BTS ‘In The Soop 2’ has released its first teaser and if you are wondering about the episodes list and how to pre-order, we have all the details for you right here.

The first teaser of BTS In The Soop has sent fans on the Internet into a tizzy! ARMY can’t get over the fact that Bangtan Boys will be getting their very own mansion for the second edition of their favorite healing series.

Starting from October 15th, BTS In the Soop Season 2 will continue till mid-November. Along with the main episodes, ARMY will also get to see the exclusive behind the scenes footage from Weverse in this season as well.

BTS In The Soop season 2 (In The Soop Twitter)

BTS In The Soop Season 2: Release date and how many episodes explored

The official Twitter handle of In The Soop has finally disclosed the release dates and the number of episodes BTS ARMY will be getting this year. The new season of the show will only have five episodes. However, there will be one behind the scenes episode after the main show concludes.

Here’s a look at the release schedule:

October 10th, 10 PM KST/ 9 AM EST – Episode 1 ‘In The Soop 2’

October 22nd, 10 PM KST/ 9 AM EST – Episode 2

October 29th, 10 PM KST/ 9 AM EST – Episode 3

November 5th, 10 PM KST/ 9 AM EST – Episode 4

November 12th, 10 PM KST/ 9 AM EST – Episode 5 (final episode)

November 19th, 10 PM KST/ 9 AM EST – Behind The Scene

How to pre-order BTS ‘In The Soop’ season 2

BTS In The Soop season 2 pre-order has started from September 23rd. The pre-order period is till October 5th, 11.59 PM KST.

With pre-orders, fans will get a clear photocard per member (7) and 1 photocard set per member (7) + PVC group photocard (1). Click here to pre-order!

Teaser of ‘In The Soop 2’ stuns BTS ARMY

The first teaser of In The Soop 2 was enough to cause a live meltdown for BTS AMY as they discovered the gigantic mansion built for BTS in the middle of the forest.

According to the preview, the mansion has a swimming pool, a fully equipped gym, a Tennis court and a Basketball court among other amenities.

Jin called that place ‘a castle,’ and V added, ‘a secret place for us.’

A BTS fan commented, “Now I understand why Seokjin wanted in the soop s3. That mansion, pool, and everything around it seems so fun!”

Another fan added, “This is insane!! They did a grand-scale construction for BTS In The Soop season 2 which looks like mansion?! They have swimming pool, tennis court, basketball court, gym, etc!”

A third fan said, “Manifest with me! Shirtless BTS In the pool and in the gym!” A similar tweet read, “BTS IN THE SOOP S2 and if we get to see Taehyung shirtless in a pool again… I don’t know the person that I’ll become…”

A Jungkook fan shared, “JUNGKOOK’s painting will be displayed on the Mansion built for In The Soop Season 2.”

Waiting for BTS ‘In The Soop 2?’ Catch the show on October 15th at 10 PM KST. Watch the preview below.

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