We explore the age and Instagram of Alina De Almeida after a Page Six report that billionaire John Paulson is reportedly dating the dietitian.

As reported by the news outlet, the 65-year-old business investor is divorcing his wife of 21 years, Jenny Paulson.

And according to a recent article by Page Six, Paulson is reportedly in a new relationship.

So, who is his rumoured girlfriend Alina De Almeida? Here’s everything you need to know about her, from career to social media profiles.

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Who is Alina De Almeida?

Alina is a 33-year-old registered and certified dietitian who runs her own health coaching brand called Effective Lifestyle.

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According to her website, she completed her residency and clinical nutrition rotations at Columbia and Cornell NY Presbyterian Hospital.

“I have 10 years of weight loss coaching in hospitals and private practice,” Alina explains in her bio.

“Due to the high demand for health coaching, I have expanded my private practice to online health coaching – with a dynamic, brand new effective and successful at your fingers approach.”

More about her education and career

According to her LinkedIn page, Alina graduated with a BA degree in Dietetics and Clinical Nutrition Services from Montclair State University.

She was a vice president of the college’s dietetics organisation and writer for Montclarion Newspaper while she attended the university.

During her studies, Alina worked as a nutrition assistant at Chilton Memorial Hospital for two years.

Her profile adds that she speaks Portuguese, French and Spanish.

Meet Alina on Instagram

The dietitian has amassed an impressive fan base of 139,000 followers on Instagram.

Her latest post is from April this year when Alina shared her tips on making a delicious and healthy pasta.

She has shared a number of other posts related to nutrition and diet, including a full day of eating plan, breakfast ideas and snack recipes.

You can find her on the platform under the handle @effectivelifestyle.

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