By releasing her debut single Obsessed, starring as the lead in a Netflix film and attending the Met Gala 2021, Addison Rae is reaching new heights this year.

The star who shot to fame after starting her TikTok career in 2019 is on her way to Hollywood stardom, and we couldn’t be happier for her. However, despite her bubbly and charming personality, the 20-year-old hasn’t been able to swoon everyone.

Many millennials and Gen Z-ers aren’t too fond of her, but that clearly does not hold Addison back. We take a look at seven times the TikTok star shocked her haters by hanging out with A-list celebs.

Partying with Kaia Gerber and Cara Delevingne

We know most of our readers thought that this list would start off by talking about Addison and Kourtney’s hang seshs, but surprise!

Michael Braun|Instagram

While not many know about this yet, Addison seems to have spent some quality time with supermodel Kaia Gerber and former model Cara Delevingne. This picture was posted by Instagram user Michael Braun on Wednesday, September 22.

While not much else is known about this rendezvous, we must note that this photo was a part of a post that featured many other A-list Hollywood stars partying together.

Hanging with Kourtney Kardashian

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Yep, here it is!

We cannot talk about Addison’s friendships without bringing up Kourtney. The besties hang out very frequently. Hence, it’s hard to keep a track of their encounters at this point.

However, let us talk about the time Addison created a YouTube video titled “A DAY IN THE LIFE: KOURTNEY KARDASHIAN!!” which featured the duo exercising in Kourtney’s backyard and then having breakfast together.

Also, it wasn’t very pleasant to watch Kourtney tag her business, Poosh, after every second word.

Roof-top party with Megan Fox, MGK and Travis Barker

Well, Kourtney was also there but we’ve said enough about her in the previous segment, so never mind.

Not too long ago, pictures of Addison partying it up at a rooftop with Megan Fox, MGK, Travis Barker and yes, Kourtney, went viral online.

We can safely say, innumerable selfies were taken.

Bestying up with Hailey Bieber

Photo by APEX/MEGA/GC Images

Not only has Addison appeared on Hailey’s YouTube channel, but they have also been spotted casually hanging out in LA. If this isn’t huge, we don’t know what is!

We also loved how comfortable the pair seemed with each other when the TikTok star appeared in Hailey’s YouTube video. From what we know, that was one of the earliest encounters between the two. But, there is a possibility that the duo must have met before that and managed to go under the paparazzi radar.

Giving dancing lessons to Kim Kardashian

Screenshot from KUWTK|Youtube Video: Kim Kardashian Takes TikTok Dance Lessons From Addison Rae | E!

If this isn’t a milestone career moment, what is!

Addison has been featured in a Keeping Up With The Kardashians episode and clips of the internet star hanging out with the Kardashian-Jenner clan have gone viral on YouTube.

Once such clip features Kim asking Addison for help because she wants to do a promo for her brand, SKIMS, by making an organic TikTok that features her dancing wearing her brand’s clothes.

Addison graciously agrees and teaches Kim some moves. It is no secret that Kim is not a good dancer but she was surprisingly quick to learn the moves, except when it came to twerking and she became too embarrassed.

Hanging with Jason Derulo


I can’t believe @addisonre can moonwalk so good 🤯 #fyp #foryoupage

♬ #hiteverybeat – dianelis

Jason and Addison collaborated to make some TikToks in 2020. The two hung out at the singer’s Los Angeles mansion, filmed a range of videos set to Jason’s songs like ‘Swalla’ and ‘Riding Solo’.

Socialising at Met Gala 2021

Photo by Mike Coppola/Getty Images

Finally, we cannot even begin to imagine how many celebs Addison must have hung out with at the Met Gala and its afterparty. The fashion event was studded with the likes of Billie Eilish, Timothee Chalamet, Serena Williams, Channing Tatum and the list goes on and on.

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