Young Royals aired on July 1, 2021 and its loyal fanbase are begging for a season 2, which the cast have teased online – when will the renewal be announced?

Described as a crossover between Gossip Girl and The Crown, Young Royals is unlike your usual school teen dramas as it takes the audience into the lives of elite students, and even more unusual, an heir at a boarding school.

Mix that with the current issues of sexuality for young adults, the series has gathered a large loyal fanbase outside of its native Sweden.

The six-episode season 1 premiered on Netflix only premiered nearly three months ago, but it looks like the show is set to be renewed pretty soon.

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When will there be Young Royals season 2?

There hasn’t been confirmation of a second season yet, but judging from the cast’s Instagram stories, there will be an announcement on Wednesday, September 22nd, 2021 regarding a renewal or release date.

Cast members Omar Rudberg (Simon Eriksson), Edvin Ryding (Prince Wilhelm), Malte Gårdinger (August of Årnä), Frida Argento (Sara Eriksson) and Nikita Uggla (Felice Ehrencrona) have all posted a countdown created by Netflix Nordic, which is set to expire at 2pm UK time – this will be 9am in New York (EDT), 6am in Los Angeles (PDT) and 3pm in Sweden (CEST).

One site claims that the show has already been greenlit back in August, with production to begin in November 2021, but nothing has been officially confirmed.

Misfit: The series | Official Trailer | Netflix

Misfit: The series | Official Trailer | Netflix

Possible plot for Young Royals season 2

The end of season 1 found Wilhelm caught in a huge scandal – his sex tape with Simon gets leaked by August, which is a huge deal even if you’re not a royal.

In order to salvage the situation, his mother forces him to deny his involvement with the tape, prompting Simon to feel betrayed since he believed Wilhelm was finally brave enough to show their love publicly and come out of the closet. The finale ends with the couple breaking up, despite admitting their love for each other.

It’s giving us Never Have I Ever and Sex Education vibes, since one partner is embarrassed of the other.

If it’s going to be anything like it, season 2 will probably see Wilhelm and Simon uniting and it’ll definitely be a rollercoaster relationship given Wilhelm’s new responsibility of being the sole heir after Erik’s car crash.

We think that their love will have to continue under wraps, since the Crown’s reputation is such a priority, the Queen would never allow any more controversy.

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Young Royals season 1 is available on Netflix now.

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