The latest episode of the popular Call Her Daddy podcast has caught everyone’s attention.

Call Her Daddy is one of the biggest Spotify podcasts right now, seeing host and internet sensation Alexandra Cooper give advice and discuss important everyday topics.

In the most recent episode, Alex opened up about the time she was exposed on TikTok for photoshopping an Instagram photo back in August, and discussed her reasons for doing so.

Here’s what happened…

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Alex Cooper photoshopped her birthday photo

Many fans were shocked to hear that Alex Cooper, who often promotes body positivity and confidence, was involved in a scandal where she was caught photoshopping one of her images.

She revealed that she was in Las Vegas for her birthday in August 2021 and went out for dinner with a big group of friends and family at Carbone after drinking all day.

After the dinner, they left to go to the club and took some photos on the way, but Alex said she felt “uncomfortable” with the way her body looked in the photos.

“I saw those photos and I was upset, but immediately Lauren wanted to post it and I said hold on, I want to edit this photo,” she said.

She revealed that usually she edits on something called PicMonkey, but in that moment, decided to download FaceTune and realign her body to give her an “hourglass” shape.

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Then she was exposed on TikTok

After returning home from Las Vegas, Alex was then exposed by a TikTok user for photoshopping the photo.

She was caught when her friend Lauren posted a “photo dump” of images from the trip, and posted the unedited version of the same photo Alex had posted on Instagram.

“I go onto Instagram and open my DM’s and there’s a DM from a girl that says ‘go f*** yourself, you should kill yourself, you are the biggest f***ing poser, you say you don’t edit your photos but you’ve been exposed’,” she said.

The same girl sent her a link to a TikTok video that showed a side-by-side comparison of the edited and non-edited version of the Vegas photo but said to this day, she has never watched the video.

Fans have uncovered a video by a TikTok user called @jillyyyygirllll which has had 2.3 million views and sees a side-by-side photoshop comparison of Alex wearing a tan coloured dress, exactly as she explained in the podcast.

The original photo has been deleted from Alex’s Instagram, but people on TikTok are convinced this is the TikTok she was talking about.

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She first started photoshopping in high school

Alex delved even deeper into her history of photoshopping, revealing that she actually started editing her pictures back in high school at the age of around 14.

“The first thing I ever photoshopped was to make my legs look bigger,” she said, adding that she was always aware of her insecurities because of what men would say to her.

She continued: “I remember I got bullied for how thin my legs were. I got called malnourished when I was younger, people told me I had an eating disorder.”

Alex said she used to be excited for “dress down days” just so that she could wear sweatpants and her legs weren’t on show.

By the time she got to college, photoshopping her photos became a “habit” as on Instagram, she wanted to come across as the “hottest girl in Boston,” which was achieved by editing her images.

Eventually, she then stopped tweaking her photos, until she was exposed on TikTok earlier this year.

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