Season 2 of Manhunt UK follows Martin Clunes reprising his role as Detective Colin Sutton to investigate the Night Stalker. Who was the he and how was he caught?

Season 2 of ITV’s true crime drama, Manhunt, has arrived after two-and-a-half years to investigate the case of a criminal who terrorised south east London.

Season 1 investigated the murder of French student Amélie Delagrange, which authorities subsequently discovered was linked to the murder of a string of young women from 2002-2004 by Levi Bellfield.

Now, Martin Clunes returns as Detective Chief Inspector Colin Sutton to retell the story of a serial rapist, known by the moniker of Night Killer.

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Who was the Night Killer in Manhunt UK?

The Night Killer is Delroy Grant, a convicted rapist and burglar who hails from Kingston, Jamaica.

Also known as the Minstead Rapist, due to the Operation Minstead team who investigated the crimes, Grant was active for 17 years from 1992-2009.

Over the years, he robbed and raped elderly women within south east London, most often in Croydon and occasionally in surrounding areas, including Bromley and Forest Hill. His youngest victim was in her late 60s, while the eldest was aged 93.

Police found his method of attack: Grant would gain entry to homes through open windows or by removing window panes himself. After, Grant disabled lights by unscrewing bulbs or switching off the electricity.

Finch | Official Trailer | Apple TV+

Finch | Official Trailer | Apple TV+

One noticeable trait was his alleged knowledge of geriatrics, medicine that deals with the diseases and problems of old age, since the rapist knew how to handle his victims to support their spines and elbows.

NationalWorld reports that the head of Operation Minstead, Detective Simon Morgan, claimed the victims came “from a generation who are inclined to see good in everyone”, therefore, “one thanked him for being gentle when he raped her”. Meanwhile, “another said she did not want to dial 999 ‘because I know the police are already so busy'”.

How was The Night Killer caught?

Grant was finally caught in November 2009, after 70 undercover officers in a large-scale operation observed his movements in his favourite area to strike, Shirley, Croydon.

In the morning of Sunday, November 15, 2009, he was arrested in the act of committing another burglary.

The serial rapist slipped through the fingers of the police in 1999, when his BMW car was spotted near the scene of a burlary in Bromley. However, his DNA at the scene was checked against a different Delroy Grant, so the report was dismissed.

Two years later, the error occurred once again when a BBC viewer who watched an appeal on the Night Stalker reported a suspicious individual with the name Delroy Grant.

After checking records, the authorities dismissed the report since the name had already been eliminated as a suspect.

In 2011 Grant was sentenced to four life sentences and a minimum of 27 years in jail – he was found guilty on all counts, including four rapes and seven indecent assaults since 1992.

New episodes of Manhunt will be available on ITV from September 21st, 2021 until September 23rd, 2021.

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