A rumour has emerged online that Gabby Petito’s fiancé Brian Laundrie has been found hanging in Alabama.

However, the rumours are false. Brian has not been found hanging in a tree in Tillman’s Corner, Mobile.

As reported by CBS 42: “Police have confirmed that the body found near the Walmart outside Mobile, Alabama was not Brian Laundrie, who is being sought in connection to the death of Gabby Petito.”

So, why did the fake rumours emerge?

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It all started with this TikTok video

The rumours began when a TikTok user called @bountybyobservation posted a video on Monday (September 20th) in which he claimed that Brian Laundrie had been found hanging in a tree.

“Breaking news, they just found Brian Laundrie hanging in a tree. He hanged himself,” he said.

The man claimed he got this information from a friend who lives in the same county as Gabby and Brian.

“It’s a sad story, but it kind of was our hunch that he was missing because he killed himself. From what I’m hearing right now, they found him hanging in a tree,’ he continued.

The video accumulated a huge 2.7 million views and sparked worldwide speculation that he had been found dead.

A man was found hanging in Alabama

The TikTok user posted the claims after a man’s dead body was found hanging in Alabama.

He was spotted in a tree near Tillman’s Corner Walmart in Mobile, Alabama, and the description reportedly matched that of Brian Laundrie, which led many to believe it was him.

However, the body was actually that of a homeless man, not Brian Laundrie, and @bountybyobservation took to TikTok again to correct his false speculation.

“I just got new information that the guy that everybody thought was Brian in a tree, it wasn’t Brian, it was a homeless guy,” he said.

Brian Laundrie is still missing

A dead body that matches the description of Gabby Petito has been found in Wyoming, but Brian Laundrie is currently still missing.

After refusing to cooperate with the police, he vanished, and his location is unknown.

His attorney confirmed on Saturday (September 18th) that Brian was last seen last Tuesday (September 14th) and is missing. 

In a statement, Gabby’s family said: “All of Gabby’s family want the world to know that Brian is not missing, he is hiding. Gabby is missing.”

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