Is August Alsina retiring? Is the rapper’s illness the reason? Fans are seen asking these questions to one another on social media following the musician’s latest Instagram post, which has left many concerned. 

Without revealing further details, he only mentioned in his Instagram post that his latest projects could “be the last”. Upon seeing that, fans are wondering if he’s doing alright and if there’s any danger to his health owing to the pre-existing condition. 

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What illness does August Alsina have?

Perhaps, fans and followers would have interpreted the rapper’s latest post differently if he hasn’t opened up about his health condition. 

During a conversation with Jada Pinkett Smith, with who he also was romantically linked, the rapper revealed he has generic liver disease. 

He explained that it is an autoimmune disease, which apparently runs in his family. 

In the video which is now unavailable on his Instagram account, the rapper explained: “After sitting down and talking with my father’s mother and sister… they explained to me that sickness & illness runs in my family. My father & grandfather both died of severe illness.”

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A look at his eye surgery and other health issues

Fans have been aware of the rapper’s health issues for a long time, as he once collapsed during a live performance on the stage in 2014. 

In 2015, in another deleted Instagram post, the rapper revealed he had undergone surgery on his eye due to an “eye disease that was causing him to blind.”

However, it is unclear if his eye issue was caused by his auto-immune disease. 

In July 2019, he shared another video on Instagram to tell his fans he had lost the ability to walk on both his legs, although temporarily.

“My auto immune disease is raging, but im fighting this thing & on my mission to shake back & be able to make it up to you,” he explained in the caption. 

Warframe | Sisters of Parvos

Warframe | Sisters of Parvos

Fans speculate retirement 

The rapper’s cryptic post on Instagram has fans wondering if he just hinted at retirement by labeling his current work as his “last couple projects.” Meanwhile, several fans are worried his health might have deteriorated. 

One wrote, “I hope that August Alsina post is about him retiring from music and not him actually dying. I would hope it’s neither but I’d rather him retire and live a happy life than die early. God bless him.”

Another added, “I wish August Alsina would re-word his last IG post I cried so much bc of it and I didn’t even watch the video yet just got off. Been convincing myself he didn’t mean anything other than retirement”

One confused fan asked, “Wait this August Alsina news has me emotionally confused! Is it suicide? Is it terminal illness? Is it retirement? I don’t knowwww”

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