The Father Who Moves Mountains is a Romanian and Swedish action film that released on Netflix on Friday, September 17 2021.

The film is written and created by Daniel Sandu and has been initially released in Romanian and English with subtitles for both languages.

Cinematographer Tudor Vladimir Panduru’s perfectly captures the beauty and vast danger of a mountainous region. But, viewers are curious about just what region this is.

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Where was The Father Who Moves Mountains filmed?

The Father Who Moves Mountain was filmed in central Romania, in the “Bucegi Mountains.”

These mountains have been the location of other films such as ‘The Crown of Fire’ and ‘Manhunt: Escape to the Carpathians.’

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Bucegi mountains is a section of the Southern Carpathians group of the Carpathian Mountains, it is a very popular tourist destination in Romania.

The film took three winter seasons to complete filming, this is because they wanted the scenes of Jianu searching to portray the reality of blizzard season with snowslides, snowstorms, and snowfalls.

This area is popular for tourists as there are resorts near in towns such as Bușteni and Sinaia in the Prahova Valley. There is also the Bucegi Natural Park which is a protected area at a very high altitude.

The Bucegi Natural Park is also home to the iconic Babele area and the Sphinx rock formation.

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Movie and Locations explored

The film follows a retired Romanian intelligence service officer, Jianu, who receives the tragic phone call that Cosmin, his son from his first marriage to Paula aka Elena Purea; has gone missing in the Carpathian Mountains with his girlfriend Daniela.

Jianu searches for his son along with a mountain rescue unit, but the weather conditions tempt others to give up hope; it’s freezing but Jianu and Filip search day and night, as the family pray for their return home.

Jianu continues the day-long searches and soon finds himself looking for his son alone, he questions everything and reflects on the guilt he feels for leaving his son.

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