‘Squid Game’ star Jung Ho Yeon has been in a relationship with ‘Reply 1988’ star Lee Dong Hwi for the last six years. The couple announced their relationship in January 2016 publicly. Here’s a brief timeline of the South Korean actress’s dating life.

Jung Ho Yeon, the 27-year-old model turned actress first became popular with the survival program ‘Super Model Korea Season 4.’ Lee Dong Hwi, her 9 years older beau has been a prominent name in multiple box-office hit movies including  The HandmaidenConfidential Assignment, and New Trial.

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Jung Ho Yeon and Lee Dong Hwi, known as ‘fashionista couple’

Jung Ho Yeon and Lee Dong Hwi got the nickname ‘fashionista couple’ when they started dating. According to multiple Korean reports, the duo had started dating in 2015 ‘overcoming’ their 9 years age gap.

While their relationship was an open secret in the film and model industry, after confirming it to the public knowledge, Jung Ho Yeon received mixed responses from Korean netizens.

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A Korean Blogspot revealed that a number of social media users accused Jung Ho Yeon of wanting ‘to ride on his fame.’ A user commented, “I bet the woman’s side leaked this because she wanted to ride on his fame. It’s a bit early for him to be getting into dating scandals, he should focus more on his acting career for now.”

But another opined, “Jung Ho Yeon is one of the most popular models right now, seems people who don’t know her are assuming she purposely leaked this… Honestly, she has nothing to gain from releasing dating news like this…”

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Where is Lee Dong Hwi, Jung Ho Yeon’s bf now?

Lee Dong Hwi is reportedly a close friend of EXO’s Suho and a part of the group BYH48. The group consists of some of the most popular faces of South Korea including Suho, Ryu Jun-yeol, Byun Yo-han, Ji Soo, and more.

Dong Hwi who previously acted in the Netflix film ‘The Call’ is currently hosting a show ‘Orange Tag’ in Naver Now. He is also a part of MSG Wannabe, a South Korean seasonal supergroup formed on the MBC’s variety show ‘Hangout With Yoo.’

The R&B group has eight members including Byeollu Ji, Kim Jung-su, Kang Chang-mo, Jung Ki-suck, Lee Dong-hwi, Lee Sang-yi, Wonstein (Ko) and Parc Jae-jung.

Check the actor/ singer’s latest music video ‘The One You Know’ (literal translation below.

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