If you spend a lot of time on TikTok, you may have noticed a new hashtag floating around on your FYP and want to know what “#Origami Camp” is.

A large group of popular TikTok stars and Only Fans creators all got together for the weekend to produce content together.

The content they posted on TikTok is mostly of them hanging out behind the scenes, but the aim of the weekend was to make NSFW content for their Only Fans accounts.

What is Origami Camp on TikTok?

“Origami Camp” is made up of a group of TikTok creators and sex workers who have all met up in an Air BnB to make videos together.

The creators involved in ‘Origami Camp’ include @auntie_tylerthanos, @demonspiit, and @hawkreallyhates you among several others.

Hawk essentially confirmed what was happening at Origami Camp when they retweeted a tweet which read:

The Only Way Is Essex | Season 28: Episode Two Trailer

“@hawkhatesyou really organized an orgy so big & awesome that it briefly broke the internet. What a time to be alive lmao.”

Twitter reacts to TikTok’s Origami Camp

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