FIFA 22 is set to release and football fans must know the differences between the current and next-gen versions for PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Series X, and even PC.

As with every instalment of the camera, lights, and action of Hollywood football, every team will be kitted with their new strip and players involved in the transfer window will be at their new clubs. This means Barcelona fans will have to manually move Messi back to the Nou Camp before they accidentally start manager mode with the wannabe rapper Depay.

While fresh strips and starting XIs will be available across every platform, the notable distinctions between consoles will especially offend players on PC.

FIFA 22 | Official Reveal Trailer

FIFA 22 | Official Reveal Trailer

FIFA 22 PS4 vs PS5

One of the biggest differences between the current vs next-gen versions of FIFA 22 on PS4 and PS5, Xbox One and Series X is hypermotion gameplay.

Hypermotion is exclusive to next-gen, and it encompasses improved artificial intelligence as well as motion capture. EA’s website says that they motion captured an 11v11 match and this combined with their proprietary machine learning technology delivers the most realistic experience yet.

Graphics will also be much better on PS5 and Series X compared to PS4 and Xbox One, meanwhile Sony loyalists will also get haptic feedback with the DualSense controller.

Next and last-gen similarities

While the differences are significant, fans should know that there are also similarities between the next and last-gen versions of FIFA 22.

Per Eurogamer, goalkeepers across all systems are tougher to beat and have plenty of new animations. This means that they should do more than just punch the air or shake their head after every save.

Every player will also enjoy a new ‘explosive sprint feature,’ as well as ‘true ball physics’. The latter is a godsend as it will make it easier to find teammates in space with lofted passes.

Finally, there are also improvements to blocks, more manual header settings, and EA claims to have fixed issues with tackling and winning the ball back.

FIFA 22 cross-gen bundle

EA’s cross-gen bundle is their Ultimate edition which costs £89.99. This is the only way to get the game on both last and next-gen consoles.

The Standard edition for PS4 and Xbox One costs £59.99, meanwhile the PS5 and Series X version is priced at £64.99. Unfortunately, there is no free upgrade available.

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