Astrologers, listen up. The 2021 full harvest moon is upon us, so we’re breaking down the spiritual meaning behind the lunation.

What could the full moon mean for you?

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What is the full harvest moon?

Occurring tonight (September 20th) at 7:54PM ET, astrology fanatics can expect to see the 2021 full harvest moon.

Why is it named a ‘harvest’ moon, you ask? Well, as per this source, it’s the closest full moon to the fall equinox. The same source also adds that, unlike other full moons, the harvest moon rises at nearly the same time for numerous evening in a row – aiding farmers with harvest work!

2021 full harvest moon spiritual meaning

Feeling intense emotions or breakthroughs? There’s a reason!

A full moon is notable for pushing emotions to the forefront, and the full harvest moon is no different. This particular moon is in Pisces, urging those into spirituality to take advantage of the creative, dream-like energy.

In short, the 2021 full harvest moon could be a chance for you to make creative or romantic emotional breakthroughs – a chance to grasp your deepest desires.

In talks with Bustle, astrologer MaKayla McRae said: “Under the full moon in Pisces, it’ll be easier to put on rose-colored glasses, get lost in our daydreams, and chase after whatever our heart is yearning for.”

Sound exciting?

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How to take advantage of full moon energy

Ready for a breakthrough? Here’s how to take advantage of the full harvest moon energy.

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