The Stokes Twins have taken to their main platform in September 2021 to share with their followers the sadness they’re experiencing after losing one of their parents.

After creating their first YouTube video in 2017, the twins became famous for their prank videos. Year on year their followers have increased by the millions. However, they’re now questioning whether all their hard work on social media was worth it after losing someone that they love so suddenly.


Who are the Stokes Twins?

The Stokes Twins are twin brothers who are 24 years old.

The duo launched a YouTube channel in 2008 which now has 8.63m subscribers.

The twins’ post to their YouTube channel every Sunday. Together they have. following of over 10m on Instagram.

What happened to the Stokes Twins parents?

On September 18th, 2021, the Stokes Twins took to YouTube to share that they had lost their grandfather.

Alex Stokes opened the video and said: “You guys deserve to know why we’re feeling down. We were both born and raised in China by our grandfather. This is the first time we’ve ever lost someone.

Alex said that when they first moved to the USA, their grandfather moved with them until they were eight years old.

He continued: “We were just working so hard that we would never call him and he always wanted to talk to us. I can’t forgive myself because the last day he was alive he called and I didn’t pick up. He called nearly 10 times and the next morning he had died.

Bakers Dozen | Official Trailer | A Hulu Original

Bakers Dozen | Official Trailer | A Hulu Original

The Stokes Twins paid tribute to their grandfather on Instagram

As well as their joint video on YouTube posted on September 18th, the Stokes Twins paid tribute to their grandfather on Instagram.

Alex wrote: “… I know my promises may not mean much anymore, but I promise to take care of grandma. I love you so much that I can’t even put it into words…

Alan took to IG, too, and wrote: “I never thought this day would come so soon and I wish I got another chance to tell you how much I love you and to hug you one final time because i would never let go..

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