On Friday, September 17, an unidentified body of a man was found outside a house in Hallandale Beach in Florida. The police are yet to confirm the identity of the deceased, but many reports claim that it could be Kodak Black’s artist WizDaWizard.

People at the scene and several social media users reportedly claimed that the deceased man was Wisdom Williams, aka WizDaWizard. The Yurda Twins singer had close ties with Kodak Black.

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How did WizDaWizard know Kodak Black?

Florida rapper WizDaWizard had worked closely with Sniper Gang records in the past. The label is owned by Kodak Black. 

Moreover, Kodak Black collaborated with Sykobob, WizDaWizard, and Wam SpinThaBin for his recent song, Righteous Reapers. When the track was released in March 2021, many fans appreciated it for presenting a refreshing mix of raw lyricism and charisma.

Based on the above, we can assume that Kodan Black and WizDaWizard shared a professional relationship. However, not much is know about their relationship outside the music world.

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Kodak Black is yet to address WizDaWizard’s alleged death on his social media handles.

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‘Yurda Twins’ rapper reportedly dead

Hallandale Beach’s police captain Megan Jones stated that her department has decided to withhold the name of the victim until their family decides the due course of action for his identification.

Captain Jones said that foul play is suspected in the death.

On the same day, another Florida rapper SpottemGottem was reportedly shot in Miami. Reports reveal that the rapper is in critical condition after being shot five times.

Captain Jones further speculated that the two incidents could be connected as there is a possibility that the rappers are signed under the same label.

The police officer also noted that the deceased’s body showed signs of trauma. She noted that the “nature in which he was found was not common for someone his age.”

Fans react to rapper’s alleged death

Although the news isn’t confirmed yet, many fans were shocked when reports about WizDaWizard’s alleged death surfaced online.

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