The boys from the Why Don’t We band are speaking up against the alleged ‘abuse’ they underwent at the hands of their production company.

The American boy band, which was formed in 2016, has slowly been climbing the ladder of fame. However, amidst the ongoing court battle between two of their managers, the band members shared a post on their social media accounts on September 9 detailing their experience.

The group’s statement came after one of their managers, Randy Phillips, sued to remove his business partner, David Loeffler, from Why Don’t We‘s management team.

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What happened to the ‘Why Don’t We’ band?

In their social media post, band members Jack Avery, Corbyn Besson, Zach Herron, Daniel Seavey and Jonah Marais accused Signature Entertainment Partners of subjecting them to “mental, emotional and financial abuse.”

The group further claimed that they were subjected to malnourishment that led to some of the members developing an eating disorder.

The band’s statement came only two weeks after their managers approached the court and filed lawsuits against each other.

The group further detailed in their post that they entered the music business as “impressionable and trusting” teens. They soon began living together under the supervision of a manager in a house. They claimed that they eventually become ‘prisoners’ in that house.

Without explicitly naming David Loeffler, the group wrote: “He would not only live with us during the day but controlled us 24/7, setting an alarm that would go off if any door or window was opened. We were not given the security code to the alarm, essentially making us hostages in our own home.”

Why Don’t We’s statement further details: “We were verbally berated almost every day and alienated from our friends and families.”

The group claimed that they were made to believe that this was “normal” and that every artist had to “pay their dues.”

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Management team’s lawsuit explored

Randy, one of Why Don’t We‘s managers, took his longtime business partner, David, to court in late August. The duo has sued each other over the business arrangement and the band members have picked sides in the whole situation.

Before we delve deeper into the issue, it is imperative to note that Signature Entertainment has the exclusive right to “direct and control” both the band and the solo careers of its members. They have control of the group’s revenue streams as well.

As per the lawsuit Randy wants the judge to expel David on account of “nightmarish behaviour” including “daily verbal abuse, screaming at them at the top of his lungs, sometimes for 10-20 minutes,” among other things.

On the other hand, David sued all five band members for “anticipatory breach of contract” and sued Randy for “tortious interference.”

Meanwhile, the band members are supporting Randy’s lawsuit.

Fans react to the drama

As drama escalates, more and more fans are rallying behind the band with the #FreeWDW trending on Twitter. Here are some notable reactions.

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