Trisha Paytas has been in and out of controversies over the years. An old petition to remove her from all platforms has suddenly gone viral. The comments under the campaign date back to two years ago, which makes us believe that the petition was created in 2019. 

The petition on Change.Org titled “Get Trisha Paytas/Blndsundoll4mj/Trishlikefish88 off ALL social media platforms.” has gained more than 1,00,250 signatures until now, becoming one of the highest signed petitions on the platform. 

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Petition on Change.Org to remove Trisha Paytas goes viral 

While Trisha is yet to comment on the petition, a lot of them are seen signing it and also urging fellow social media users to add their signatures. 

The description for the petition reads: “This woman spouts racist, homophobic, and all-around disgusting things that if anyone else said it they would be ridiculed and targeted. Her YouTube career has been a joke.”

The rest of the petition calls out the streamer for using inappropriate methods to gain clout, including nudity on different social media platforms. 

The creator of the petition has further called them out for wearing a Black face in their videos and “bullying” her fanbase with mean comments. 

YouTuber’s latest video explored 

It also appears as if several of her followers were irked by Trisha’s latest video, which was shared on YouTube three days ago. 

In the video titled “addressing everything”, Trisha spoke about allegedly being subjected to sexual assault, and even blamed H3 podcast host Ethan Klein for turning fans against her. 

However, the video did more harm than good as social media users slammed her for dragging Ethan and deleting more than 1000 videos from their YouTube channel. 

Some even branded her a “liar” after spotting the missing videos, stating that they tried to cover up their act. 

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Twitter reacts to viral petition 

Several Twitter users have come to offer their opinion about the petition against Trisha which could soon meet its goal. Here’s how a few of them reacted.

One tweeted, “I’m sure people wouldn’t sign that petition if she had taken even a smidgen of accountability, considering the damage she has caused. Moses and her both are taking no accountability at all for their actions, which is why more and more people are signing this petition.”

Another wrote, “Everybody sign the petition to remove Trisha off the internet”

“Sadly petitions don’t anything, but it shows how many people that don’t want Trisha Paytas to be on the Internet,” added another.

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